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I have learned many things but greatest lesson I have ever learned is how to love and be loved. I learned that from Michael Jackson. Love is forever. That is why Michael Jackson will always live in our hearts. Maya Angelou said People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.They way he made us feel…was loved. Michael Jackson healed, filled and lifted the hearts of people all across this globe. It is time for us to try to "heal the world" ~Rev. Catherine Gross,Ed.D

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Taken from "The Untold Story" Janet Arvizo's testimony was so bizarre and disjointed that many people inside the courtroom... more

Micheal pleaded with us to care about each other. He wanted us to change the world. Fan-mily, I believe we can. He wanted us to unite and let each other know that we cared for one another. In the end of 2010, we found out that we... more

The Discovery Health Channel,has circulated a picture of Michael, prepared for an autopsy. Many of you have seen this picture... However, already it has been accelerated by copy cat pictures that show Michael with his chest ripped open,... more

MJ Justice Project and MJ Children have united to bring you the truth about the Discovery Channel. The Discovery Channel, which will be the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)as of 1/1/11, will broadcast 13 January 2011 a documentary on... more

GUEST SPEAKER: CHARLES THOMSON~In a fair and honest world, this is how things should be done. 1.) “Journalists should be honest, fair and courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting information.2.)Deliberate distortion is never... more

This week, A Place in Your Heart is spotlighting our Pundits. It’s not often in life that we can get “do-over’s”, so we are delighted to have this chance. We will take this opportunity to discuss all the matters we did not get to talk about last... more

In the summer of 2009 an event with a global impact caused people to begin weeping in the streets all over the world. By autumn of that same year, it was clear that something was terribly wrong— a discovery revealed that words had... more

Featured Guests:Raven Woods **All For Love Blog~ David Edwards**Vindicating Michae~lSeven Bowie**MJJ-777~This week, A Place in Your Heart is spotlighting our "Bloggers". Most of us hear the word "Blog, or Blogger" and do not... more

Sahar Jannati, Team Spokeswoman, and Jennifer Marino, LA Representative discuss some of the things that happened in order for us all, to have this success' Catherine Coy We hope Michael Jackson Advocates around the world are... more

Michael Jackson was fully acquitted of all allegations, but the press effectively nullified the decision of the jury. He could never escape their taunts, jeers, accusations and judgment—all reported with a smile under the guise of “freedom... more
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