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We bring you Almine's teachings & miracles from around the globe! Sandra Saradesi and Denise O'Regan welcome you to your Show, where we live our miracles and share yours. Miracles as a way of life!

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Sandra and Denise share in this program the Qi Vesta, what is Qi Vesta and its gifts. The power of this incredible Lemurian tool for manifestation as we study the Principals. Our inner and outer reality are One. Join us in this Part 1 of a series... more

Sandra and Denise bring dear guests Karen and Johanne to share their magical life...their songs with the Fairy world and how they started this journey of singing the names of the Belvaspata Angels while simultaneously performing a... more

What causes our Aura to weakened? Denise and Sandra go over the Handbook for Healers, a book written by Almine to find solutions to keep our aura and energy fields clear and healthy. Join us in this very informative episode!

In this episode Sandra and Denise will share Almine's sacred teachings on the Haaraknit or the navel point and discuss what this is about. Its importance at the precious time that we live in and understanding as a tool of "Manifestation". A... more

From Almine! In this episode Denise and Sandra will give live the "Ceremony to Open the Gates of Abundance" please do join us and experience for yourself this Sacred Ceremony a special gift directly from the Infinite. Be Prepared to be truly... more

In this magical episode Denise and Sandra will delight you by sharing the 144 Principles of Abundance. We will share these incredible Principals with all of our Beloved Light Family in preparation for next week's Ceremony to Open the... more

Sandra and Denise will share the wonderful experience of the Ceremony of Perpetual Self-Regeneration. Join us for this espectacular experience!!! Tryly a gif from the Infinite...You are welcome to join us!

How to live like a God and Goddess in the flesh...and its important to consider overcoming the flesh. Sandra and Denise will delve into all the latest tools given by our Beloved Almine to walk among man fully aware and awaken to... more

Sandra, Denise and her guests will bring the latest from Almine's Retreat in Columbus, Ohio information that goes beyond the most prolific imagination, material never ever revealed before...for the first time a glimpse to what the... more

Find the yearning of your heart and follow where it leads. Make a concerted effort to break free of the prison bars of your life. Take a few minutes to dream of what would make your heart sing. Please join me tonight, your host Denise... more