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A Different Vue with Jacquelyn Rochell™ is a 3 hour weekly entertainment, informational and inspirational radio show

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A Different with Jacquelyn Rochell is returning to the air on Sunday, August 24, 2014 at its new time! The 3 hour infotainment radio show will begin broadcasting every morning from 7am until 10am. Be sure to tune-in for the live broadcast and call-in to welcome Jacquelyn Rochell back to the air! Along with good music, your daily inspiration and horoscopes, join Jacquelyn as she explores the issue of depression and how it can manifest into suicide with Dr. Michelle Joy Brown, PhD, MA, LPC, Breathe Again Counseling & Consulting, Rochester Hills, MI Several of her special friends will also be calling in to congratulate her on her return to the air! A Different Vue with Jacquelyn Rochell is happy to be returning to the air each and every weekday morning from 7am until 10am. It Feels Good!!!
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JOURNEY THROUGH AMERICA The pride, inspiration, and determination of Black Culture and history are well documented, stemming as far back as the 1300s. Our cultural traditions and history have not been as widely acclaimed... more

JOURNEY THROUGH AMERICA! Tune-in and take a journey to understanding the dynamic conflict between Blacks & Whites; amongst Blacks; and within other ethnic groups about the use of the word, Nigga! Is Nigga just a word? Well, to... more

A Different Vue with Jacquelyn Rochell™ Every New Year, We Make Resolutions We Can Keep! Jacquelyn Rochell & Co-Host Roney Rome are committed to helping you stay on track! This Week! We're bringing the Ladies!... more

?When is an Ex-Offender really an Ex-Offender?? Does society ever really forgive an ex-offender for the crimes he/she has committed against it? Is the concept of ?incarceration as repayment of debt for crimes? realistic considering... more

On the heels of the birthday of America's beloved Civil Rights Leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. emerges Jacquelyn Rochell during an empowering and profound Radio Blog & Discussion with listeners from around the world on... more

MOVE BEYOND THE COLORED LINE Creating Big BUZZ! ?A Time for Change? are words being echoed by leaders advocating for the end of racial discrimination. The sociopolitical progress within American culture gives us... more
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