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A Different Vue with Jacquelyn Rochell™ is a 3 hour weekly entertainment, informational and inspirational radio show

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EVER WONDERED HOW THEY DID IT? STAYED TOGETHER, THAT IS! According to "The Truth About Divorce Statistics" nearly 75% of couples stay married for better or for worst. What's their secret? What are the ingredients or... more

CYBER BUYLLING! WHAT TO LOOK FOR & HOW TO STOP IT! Is your teen being cyberbullied? Do you think it happening at his/her school? Do something about it! Parenting and monitoring your child's Internet activities can be... more

WHY IS COUNSELING, ESPECIALLY GRIEF SUCH A TABOO IN THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN AND MINORITY COMMUNITY? Have you stopped to ponder as to why African-Americans and other minorities do not embrace or... more

CAN YOU IMAGINE THE PAIN AND GRIEF OF PARENTS WHO ARE FACED WITH THE EMOTIONAL ORDEAL OF BURYING A CHILD? Join me and my special guest, Dr. Michelle Joy Brown, PhD, MSW, LPC as we discuss strategies... more

A Different with Jacquelyn Rochell is returning to the air on Sunday, August 24, 2014 at its new time! The 3 hour infotainment radio show will begin broadcasting every morning from 7am until 10am. Be sure to tune-in for the live broadcast... more

CHOOSING THE TOUGH REFORMS NEEDED TO REDUCTION AMERICA'S BUDGET DEFICIT! Americans should be watching Congress as they respond to the President's deficit reduction budget this week! www.whitehouse.gov... more

Happy Easter! It's resurrection Sunday! The day Jesus rose from the death to ensure that if you wanted to be saved from your sinful choices, sickness, depression, poverty, addiction, and even oppression...just believe! The Power of... more

The American people MUST engage in the self-assertive practice of seeking information, reading, and embracing truth! Unchain your mind because the greatest weapon of an oppressor is your ignorance and unconsciousness!... more

The "SOLD" of the American Republican Party! Congress serves as the collective conscious and soul of the American people. Its inability to resolve redistributive conflict speaks volumes to its members' priorities. Friday's Sequester invariably... more

ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU; ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY...John F. Kennedy The first thing the American people can do is respond to the crisis in Washington by demanding the... more
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