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WKOT YAH DNA Hebrew MuseumShow


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11:00PM east time W.K.O.T. Spiritual World~Straight Talk From The Heart

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Do you sense that there is more than what meets the so-called 5 senses.  Anyone who talks to YAH or any deity other than YAH, can give no other answer to this question, except YES, SI, QUI, Kane.  Once this Spiritual World is accepted and explored by the mainstream of all societies,  it won't be so difficult to believe and know that a vision was given to build The Kingdom of Hayah of Hosts...DNA Hebrew Yshralites Spiritual Journeys Museum.  All great creationss, spiritual or secular, begins  with a vision.  The creation of this world's earth age, began with a vision in the creators mind. Become a part of YAHs...Museum vision project and help create a masterpiece. JOIN THE 5TH YAHs DNA HEBREW  MUSEUM BTR Show. This topic will be discuss and other straight talk issues concerning this YAH Ruach Kodesh Vision Project.

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