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The Fabulous Medium Dusten Lyvers

The Fabulous Medium: Dusten Lyvers


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My show is about living a spiritual lifestyle, hearing about my story and my day-to-day life, and witnessing raw real-time readings over the air.

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"The Fabulous Medium," Dusten Lyvers will be sharing his insight into how everyone can connect with their own loved ones who have crossed-over. You do not need a medium to connect to your loved ones, signs can be devloped between those in the living and those in spirit. It is in recognizing those signs that a relationship then takes place between those that are here and those that are "over there." You won't want to miss this episode, and Dusten will be able to take callers and connect a lucky caller with their loved one on the other side.
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Dusten Lyvers "The Fabulous Medium" will be talking about pets and the afterlife! Dusten is a Forever Family Foundation certified medium and the lead medium with Michiana Paranormal Investigations. Questions will be allowed by... more

Feel free to ask "The Fabulous Medium" Dusten Lyvers any spiritually-oriented question you can think of,or even a personal question about his life! In this next episode of "The Fabulous Medium" Dusten will be answering all questions... more

Thanks for tuning into another episode of "The Fabulous Medium" here on BlogTalkRadio with your host Dusten Lyvers. It's been a few months since my last show, and things have been crazy thes last few months so I have not been able... more

Thanks again for tuning into "The Fabulous Medium." In this episode, I will be talking in more detail about my spiritual retreat from technology that I went on last weekend. For those of you who have followed my blog "DustensFabulousLife"... more

Hello again everyone! In this next episode of "The Fabulous Medium: Dusten Lyvers" I will be talking about one of the most important lessons we need to learn, to have fun. So many times in readings I will feel that my client isn't having... more

Hello everyone! Thanks again for tuning into another episode of "The Fabulous Medium" wiith Dusten Lyvers. I want to share what I have learned about knowing yourself. Why it matters when you are living your daily life, and why it matters... more

Get ready for some awesome stories about how I work with Spirit and how they meet me halfway to communicate! I will share some of my personal philosphy on how Spirit works, and how they meet with their mediums to deliver messages.... more

Hello again everyone! Thanks for tuning into another episode of "The Fabulous Medium" with Dusten Lyvers. The hoidays, vacation, and so many business things have been happening lately that have proven difficult to keep up with the show,... more

In the next episode of "The Fabulous Medium," Dusten will be on the line with friends and family members! Listeners will be able to call in and ask questions about Dusten and hear from those that know Dusten personally. Dusten's mom,... more

In the next episode of "The Fabulous Medium" by Dusten Lyvers, Dusten will be talking about a common misconception many poeple have. Often we hear the term "soul-seeker," but really a better term would be "soul-receiver." We don't... more