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CALL IN IS 347-945-7207 to TJ Morris ET Radio strangely appealing! Phenomenology discussions include interviews, panels, on Ascension Age paranormal topics: CALL -1-850-376-1100 oe 850-736-5138 for ET Alienology,cosmology,parapsychology. phenomenology, ufology, universal life theology, philosophy, Spiritual Science Authors Books, Movies,TV. Integratve Medicine, Body-Mind-Spirit Spiritual Science Consciousness.A.I. and more... American Communications Online -ACO Association of Consciiusness studies. Truthseekers studies.UFO Association. Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Paranormal Life Immortal Souls Cosmos Connection. Super-natural growth of metaphysicians, We are ACO Association. Call In +1-347-945-7207. Theresa J Morris, Host/Producer. Since June 3, 2012, Sponsored by ACO American Communications Online, TJ Morris Media Publishing Agency. Call Theresa if you want to join.Authors Book Club.com or ACO Club of peer to peer reviewers. We speak on pyramidology, ancient cultures,archaeology,history, science, physics, metaphysics, Indie Writers. paranormal reverse technology and A.I. Space Techno future. ACO Association Spiritual Science Community OBE, NDE,life after life, universal life consciousness research. TJ writes about the unknown parallels of human nature, OBE, NDE, Dreams, ET Force, Tarot Readings, Precogs Intuitive Skills, Info.Theresa "TJ" Morris, shares classes in esoterics, eoterics, metaphysics, unexplained,inspiring phenomena.AuthorsBookClub, Cosmos Expo, ERA COP, AscensionPsychic, Theresa J Morris Ministries.Universal Life Force Energy, Multi Dimensional Spiritual Missing Time Experiences, body-mind-spirit healing arts and integrative medicine and UFO Association share ACO Paranormal Network News as spiritsciencetv.com. ACOinvisibletvcom. Agent, Author, Consultant Organizer creating educational entertainment. Ancient Wisdom and New Thought Teachings Mystery Schools, Life After Life,etc.Theresa J Thurmond Morris Loves Humanoid s

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UFO Association, Alien Contact Organizers, share the U.K. Co-Director for UFO Secret Space Groups in our Facebook Social Media Groups. Tina Bird is a UFO Enthusiast and has spent time as a researcher about life and the paranormal... more

Monday Night - Amad Painter - and Theresa J Morris will cover and Ira will be here Monday Night! Chief Executive Officer, Bioquark Inc. Ira S. Pastor - Chief Executive Officer – Bioquark Inc. (www.bioquark.com) - a novel life... more

Debbie came upon the metaphysical scene ?almost by accident?, as she would describe it, and calls herself a ?real late bloomer? on the spiritual path. Debbie had a very conventional and conservative Roman Catholic upbringing in... more

We are welcoming so others who know that UFOS are a part of our lives. ET for extraterrestrial and Allied Command Spacecraft. Janet Lessin and Crysana. Various myth changes, archetypes, gnostic, matrix and authors who we allow to... more

We will meet Mike Panicello and Annie Gechman as MUFON members. Janet Lessin and Theresa J Morris are Co-Hosts for UFO Association.org and ACO Association.com. Sharing Connection to X-files and how we as researchers... more

Merrell Fankhauser has led one of the most diverse and interesting careers in music. His book Calling from a Star The Merrel Fankhauser Story is on Amazon. Author-Songwriter-Musician - Friend to Mu ancients and ET's. He was born in... more

Ascension Age Awareness about consciousness and our spiritual paths by women who are sincere about talking to each other of their own beliefs. What are we doing here? Why do we bother to communicate? Something... more

ACO Allied Command Organizers, Commander Johnston, about the UFO Secret Space Command and how our past history with NASA may effect our future in space. We share welcoming others into our various levels of information,... more

Alien Contact Experiencers are comparing life experiences to show support of what we are going to accept as normal in the future. Alienology, Cosmology, Phenomenology, Ufology, are some of the main topics of research in the ACO... more
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