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MarshallTalk discusses difficult & controversial issues incl. Politics, Pop Culture, Class, Race, Parenting, Relationships, etc.

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Some people would argue that Pop Culture has been a permanent fixture of American society for at least 200 years. Some argue that Pop Culture is a new phenomenom. Marshall, the Host of MarshallTalk said, "I think Pop Culture has... more

The Trayvon Martin case is getting ready to go to trial, and it has already invoked lots of emotions from a variety of perspectives. Questions are being asked all over the United States about the racial element of this case and also... more

The Jodi Arias Trails brings the issue of Domestic Abuse & Violence front and center. In our Justice System everyone is supposed to have the right to a fair trial, so from that perspective the Jodi Arias case is just business as usual.... more

You see and hear it all the time from mostly young girls/women, "I Do What I Want". Marshall, the Host of MarshallTalk said, "I hear this every single day, mostly in Social Media and it makes me sick. Not only do people say it, it is... more

Many people are watching, reading, and talking about the Jodi Arias Trial. It seems to be interesting even to people that usually don't care about our Criminal Justice System. Marshall, the Host of MarshallTalk said, "I think it is a shame... more

Research shows that increased episodes of intense anger or stress will reduce your productive life span. So when you add to the fact that many parents say their teenagers make them so angry or stress them out, it can be assumed that in... more

Most of us have been at a point in our life when we ask the question, is this what I want to do, or should be doing. Marshall believes one of the problems with this issue is the fact that wanting something may be completely different from what... more

Our Congress is in political gridlock, our unemployment rate is high, but certain Americans are doing better than ever. Marshall the Host of MarshallTalk said, "Is it just me or is class warfare in full effect in America? I think there is... more

Ok it is debatable whether or not Men and Women can be platonic friends for an extended period of time without either side wanting more in an emotional or physical way. Marshall will be talking the "Friend Zone" and what he thinks... more

Everyone is talking about who is failing in our Government because Congress can not come up with a Grand Bargain to prevent the Sequester. Some people are blaming the President and other various levels of Government besides the... more