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Jan Jackson2

Jan Jackson2


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During last week's webcast, we talked about how our country seems to be very rapidly sliding into socialistic oblivion, some of the things that might be causing that, and whether or not we could lay that destructive state of affairs squarely at the feet of our current President, Barack Obama. After the show, I thought again about how much my own homeowners association here in Colorado, and many, many others throughout our country, are experiencing almost exactly the same problems. That is, We The People HOA homeowners are suffering under the same socialistic, even dictatorial, practices in our own HOA communities from our power and money seeking boards of directors and their cabals as We The People Americans are experiencing at the hands of our own government -- local, state and federal. Therefore, we HOA homeowners get kicked in the societal and financial 'teeth' TWICE; once by our board of directors who are legislatively mandated by an HOA private contract connected to our homes and communities, and again by our local, state and federal governments. Question is: What do We The intelligent and Rational People of these United States DO about those awful situatons? Do we just 'put up and shut up" and try very hard to stay 'unnoticed' by our dictatorial boards of directors, or a member of their cabal, every day? And also do the best we can to stay out of Barack Obama's waiting dictatorial tentacles? Do we holler and argue about it a lot but secretly hope that somebody else actually DOES something about it? OR, do we stand up on our go-git-the-bad-guys American feet, take a deep breath, and FIGHT as hard as we can against anybody who wants to turn our communities or our country into a socialist or dictatorial nightmare? My choice was, and still is, the last one. I will fight very, very hard against anyone or any group that tries to take away my freedoms and liberties under our Constitutional Federal Republic form of government. How about you?