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Healing the Rift

Healing the Rift


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Meet Josh, Adrienne & your friendly Over Soul SOTU at the crossroads of Matter and Spirit. We explore from Politics to Paradox and everything in between during these crazy times. If you are dazed and confused with so much changing at once, we have ways to move through it. We have 25 years experience teaching reality creation - the metaphysics of the physical...we can help make sense of it all. Right or left, all are welcome. Become a Patron...additional access to SOTU! https://www.patreon.com/HealingtheRift © 2019 EJA Magical Journeys

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Discover your Life Lesson! Josh, Adrienne & SOTU discuss Life Lessons with callers. Love - early programing to not have it Generational opportunity for Millenials to change it all Self Worth & self doubt The current question of the... more

Would you like some personal help navigating changes in your world? Josh, Adrienne & SOTU discuss: Allowing vs. creating reality Emotion as the Divine Energy of Creation People to believe in Peace Remember the Basics of... more

Josh, Adrienne & SOTU talk with callers: Free Speech Judgements vs. Assessments Outgrowing the Darwinian Paradigm Acceptance of our pasts; personal, national & speciel The Love that requiries no one else Who is creating... more

So many BIG things shifting right under our feet & all around us. Religions Politics Truth Weather Patterns Safety... We have several callers who are actively walking and talking their ways to move toward a better world for all in the face of these... more

If you can't see how we will move beyond the state of affairs in the world have lost your faith in humanity or how you can begin to create a better reality for yourself.... This show is for you! Josh, Adrienne & your friendly OverSoul SOTU... more

How do we feel safe in a shifting world? Today we are joined by Psychic Medium Stacy Mongar to explore the realms beyond the physical. Stacy's work with individual readings, energtic clearings and compassionate inner sight have... more

Ever wonder what it would be like to see beyond the veils? If there even is a 'beyond the veils?? Is there any one 'out there'? Josh & Adrienne tell the tale of 25 years of interactions, communications, challenges and a deeply abiding... more

Do you know who to believe any more? So much is in flux at this pivotal moment in our country and human consciousness. Can you even relate to other people? Ready for some positive changes?? Adrienne, Josh, a caller and your friendly... more

Are we a nation of Fairness? Josh, Adrienne & SOTU explore the power & reflection of this pivotal, political moment in the USA. They reveal: the opportunities & urgency of the Moment your journey if You are here to Learn... more

Just can't take any more examples of the worst of us? Wondering how you can move ahead? How did we get here? Today's show is SO chock full of new ways to look at it all! SOTU, Josh & Adrienne cover: Why we act like our Mothers... more