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Valum Votan - Channel Earth

Introduction to the 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement


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We invite you to dive into the Earth Channel with us for a super recharge of insight and inspiration... These emerald meditations into the Synchronic Order will spruce up your day with positive vibes, imaginative insight(s) and hard core "Real-Time" Science. Teleport into the Earth Wizards Seminary where "time is art..." Explore the building blocks of biology and uncover the Mystery of The Stone.... Lay claim to the key codes, formulas, practice(s) & blueprints to the Stairway of Heaven on Earth; Noosphere 2020... Politics, economic fraud, war, illness, disease, biospheric disasters, false 12:60 values and dis-illusioned morals with their repeat thought pattern's cannot stop us from docking the Mother-Ship... Buried beneath the rubble of ye' ol world order, in the subterranean world of the unconscious, a "modern world" treasure map awaits your discovery... The First World Peace Plan has been carefully stashed in a Castle of Consciousness... Gaining access to the tower requires us to remember the Crystal Keys of Prophecy; open the time tunnels of the Noosphere. Accompany us through the temple mountain gate, a "natural time retreat" in the forest where we will "trip" all natural into the 28 Meditations of Cosmic History... Welcome aboard Time-Ship Earth 2020... the content genius of this channel will drive you to the heart of all creation. Thanks for tuning in... let's get started ! Courtesy of Dr. Jose' and Lloydine Arguelles 1999- RIP. Produced by Jason Garrett Gibson Peace Through Culture Foundation Youtube: Cosmic History Chronicles Paypal your inquiries or tax-deductible contributions to: panamorica@yahoo.com Thank you for your support.

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