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Join Spiritual Medicine guru, Dr. Karen Kan, holistic physician and energy healer for this radio show so you can learn how to manifest health, happiness and prosperity and express your Soul's Mission, and in doing so, increase the Light and Love in the Universe! Dr. Karen interviews experts in energy healing, spiritual awakening, nutrition, Chinese medicine, Law of Attraction, prosperity and Consciousness. Dr. Karen's fans, students, and clients are Light Warriors - they are sensitive, loving souls, like Indigos, Crystals, Starseeds, Empaths, Hybrids, Walk-ins, and Earth Angels. Once a month, Dr. Karen does a free healing show where you can call in live (or use the chat) to get a mini-reading or mini-healing.

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Deanna Hansen is a Certified Athletic Therapist and founder of Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy, a bodywork practice that is therapy, exercise and meditation all in one. Deanna began her practice as an Athletic Therapist in 1995, focusing on deep tissue work. Her true passion is to teach people how to self-care. Block Therapy is her way of doing so. Deanna has created a self-help practice using a handcrafted wooden block, called the Block Buddy. This simple, efficient, and inexpensive approach is gaining credibility as people around the world are experiencing the benefits of Block Therapy and sharing with others. Today, Deanna is going to explain how fascia, the connective tissue that holds the entire body together, is responsible for the formation of Cellulite, and how to stimulate its release using her system Block Therapy. For more on Deanna's work, visit her site here.
  • by Dr Karen Kan
  • in Health
  • 01:30
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