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Dark Gift Combat Fig

Dark Gift Combat Fighting system


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D.G.C.F.S. is more than just a SELF DEFENSE, It's a FIGHTING SYSTEM DONT DEFEND YOUR LIFE!!! FIGHT FOR IT!!! Houston's Premier Reality Based Combatives & Reality Based Martial Arts &Self defense Hello and welcome to Dark Gift Combat Fighting System THE COMBATIVES DIVISION D.G.C.F.S. is a Houston, Texas based Company that Teaches Reality Based Martial Arts and Combatives, D.G.C.F.S. is FIRST and Foremost a Reality-Based Training / Combative studio. We are a combat-scenario driven training program. We offer programs from the novice wanting to train or just get into shape to the expert combat instructor or martial arts master. Everything we do at D.G.C.F.S. is based on real world techniques of combat and personal safety. Training that you can use in your everyday life. While some martial arts programs teach techniques that would rarely be encountered or used in real life situations, our programs at D.G.C.F.S. are street-wise and completely reality based. Our programs are based on successfully integrating numerous styles of martial arts into one cohesive system. D.G.C.F.S. training programs are based on D.G.C.F.S. proprietary Combatives/self-defense, Reality Based Martial Arts "Dark Gift Combat Fighting System®". The system is a highly efficient, universally applicable Combatives/self-defense, Reality Based Martial Arts; D.G.C.F.S. has only one rule: SURIVIE!!!!!. This system has proven very successful in defending oneself against single and multiple attackers, both armed and unarmed. This system is used by navy SEAL team 6 and numerous law enforcement and military forces around the WORLD!! The D.G.C.F.S. Combatives Program is design for Military, Law Enforcement, Government agencies, Special operation teams, security personal and YOU. Tactical Close Quarter Fighting and Weapons techniques to specifically addresses the modern combat environments, which increasingly involves assaults on civilians,L.E.Officers, Security personal ect, D.

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Mr.Traylor answers e-mails and question about his school and Reality based Martial Arts

Pre-indicators of a physical altercation, What happens before a physical altercation, what are the pre-indicators? How do you read them. Reality Based Martial Arts and Combatives , Hand to Hand combat

the erosion of society and the need for Reality Based Martial Artsm, What happen to Society and the the new Vision of combatives for civilians.

Ego of Martial Artist & Reality Based Instructors and How it effect the industry and their training

I was ask a Question about How good I was and do I sparing and fighting with students.A gentlemen came in and asked IF I spared or fight with students, I said of course, He said that he went to other schools that the instructor did not

Why do we use marker knife , shock knife, airsoft guns and mock rooms and elevator rooms

The Martial Arts & Combatives Myths.See beyond the black belt & Combative hype and ignorance.

pre indicators of a physical altercation which most schools do not teach or talk about

What are weapons of opportunity or improvised weapons?
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