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Creatively Speaking is designed with "creatives" in mind and features weekly 30 minute interviews with authors, writers, publishers, playwrights, screenwriters, artists, speakers, actors, filmmakers, healers, stylists, musicians, ministers, business owners, and just about anyone who creates anything (but chaos). Listen every Saturday at 9-9:30am PT, or be our guest by scheduling your interview at creativelyspeaking.as.me.

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Cheryl Meyer or Cheryl M Health Muse wants to inspire you to lower your toxic load. Cheryl got autoimmune disease 7 years ago. Her doctor didn't know what was wrong and suggested it was in her head but wanted her to take steroids. Cheryl refused a life of pain and pills. Instead, she started researching, figured out she probably had autoimmune disease, and that 2 things she could do right away were to find and eliminate the toxins in her life, and reduce her stress. (She had her own jewelry business for years). Cheryl was stunned to find hundreds of toxins in her life, and they were everywhere, in her food, cosmetics, over the counter drugs, cleaning supplies, water and food storage. It took her 5 years to eliminate all of them and replace them with much less toxic products. She then found ways to reduce her stress, anxiety, get a better night sleep, and get some exercise. Cheryl even ended a toxic relationship (and found a completely supportive man who she married 3 years ago). She found a Functional MD, and the net result of all of this is she returned to relative health. Cheryl did have autoimmune disease, and always will but she no longer has pain. She decided to return to school and become a coach so that she could help others. Cheryl wrote a book about her journey which has now won 12 awards. And she now works with others with chronic disease. To learn more about Cheryl M Health Muse and her work, please visit cherylmhealthmuse.com, follow her @Cherylmhealthmuse on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and also visit her facebook page, It Feels Good to Reverse Inflammation at facebook.com/It-Feels-Good-To-Feel-Good-reverse-inflammation-1277191688990457.
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