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Are you ready to courageously follow your own sense of mercy, justice, and truth? Are you searching for religious teachings that make sense? Are you having a hard time accepting teachings which seem spiritually unholy and untruthful? Then, have we got a show for you! The Cosmic Citizen is a show for progressive religionists and spiritual people who are ready to find a spirituality worthy of an age of science and enlightenment. Our hosts, Paula Thompson, Christilyn Biek-Larson, Andre Radatus and Derek Samaras are ministers, students and scholars of The Urantia Book. We interview a variety of guests on topics related to modern and progressive spiritual growth and religious interests. We embrace diversity, intelligent dialogue and a willingness to serve a purpose that is true, beautiful and good. Please join us!

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200,000 years ago, Urantia was purposefully thrown into planetary rebellion. This created such challenges on this planet, that we are still recovering from this great disaster. Many tales of "The Devil" have been passed down throughout the ages... more

This week on Cosmic Citizen we'll explore the topic of individual spiritual growth in relation to community, with one of our most popular return guests, Harvard Divinity School Graduate, Angie Thurston. This has been a well-established focus of... more

Today, people hunger for God more than ever, but often don't know it's God that they need. Most don't know where to look or how to begin. How can they find the spiritual food that will inspire and transform them? With an increasingly diverse... more

This week we are back with our 7th installment of this great study. So far we have discussed the outbreak of rebellion, the Lucifer Manifesto, the theft of liberty, the mercy, justice and wisdom in the delay of adjudication, and now we will discuss... more

This Planet, Urantia has endured much confusion since the ourbreak of the rebellion over 200,000 years ago. Many mortals are left asking questions as to why such evil and sin can persist for so long on our planet? The Urantia Book... more

This week we continue our study of the Lucifer Rebellion with Paper 54—Problems of The Lucifer Rebellion: We naturally wonder how God can allow sin to go unstopped and unpunished. 54:0.2 "The Gods neither create evil... more

This week we continue our study of the Lucifer Rebellion with the forth installment: "The Son of Man on Urantia." Join us as we dive into deep study of the repercussions of Jesus' life on this planet and how it terminated the Lucifer... more

This week we go back to our study of The Lucifer Rebellion. This is the third week we will have spent on this subject and there are bound to be several more installments. Like so many of the subjects covered by the amazing Urantia Book,... more

This week we have a special Christmas edition of The Cosmic Citizen. Live from Jerusalem and Bethlehem, come discover the true meaning of Christmas at the eve of this special yearly event! Please join the regular CC hosts as... more

This week we continue our study of The Lucifer Rebellion and how self-assertion came to dominate the conduct of our world. ?Self-assertion was the battle cry of the Lucifer rebellion.? [53:4.2] "He contended that 'majorities rule,' that 'mind... more
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