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90 Minutes To Recover From Life

90 Minutes To Recover From Life


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Lee & Jale are Addictions Counselors and tutors at Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi. "We think life doesn't have to be traumatic, and we can recover from it when it is"

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Lee and Jale will talk about what has been termed the Amazon Warriors and the archeological truths recently revealed about them. we will also talk about Gambling Addiction in our science segment. We will insert some art and music... more

Lee and Jale will talk about positive news and oour positives of the day as always. We will also talk abour the Etruscan Civilization. We WILL talk about Guilt this week, sorry last week we had a surprize guest and had a great time with... more

Lee and Jale will talk about their positives of the day along with some positive news. In the Science of Addiction segment, we will talk about guilt as a driving force for continued active addiction, and the importance to defeat continued guilt... more

Tonight Lee and Jale will get into the nuts and bolts of Addiction! Specifically what is addiction and how it is perceived by both the addict and society. In our History segment, We are going to talk about the Hittite Civilization and how the... more

In this week's 902rfl Culture episode Lee and Jale wrap up Co-dependency, by talking about healthy and dysfunctional family structures. We will be passing along our positive news stories, you can read for yourself at the following links.... more

In this weeks History segment, Lee and Jale will discuss the development of cities and how the paleolithic belief in the Great Mother Earth became the Goddess and how we still see it around the globe today. We will also talk about... more

For those who do not know, 20 March has been designated International Happiness Day by the UN! What's that all about? Lee and Jale will talk about that, along with other positive news, and how our cultures have supported Bullying by... more

Lee and Jale will talk about some positive news from around the globe. Our science topic is Co-Dependence, along with the emotional benifit from consistent fitness training. We will talk about some history and life and have some fun with... more

Join Lee and Jale as they talk about the importance of Opera in the past and how we are affected by Opera today. Mikis Theodorakis, a Greek composer and politician who suffered so much for sustained democracy in his homeland is our... more

Jale and Lee will introduce the concept of Recover From Life. They will follow a format where they discuss a current "positive news" story, an issue related to the science of behavioral health, a historical event and how it still affects our daily... more
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