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Today we will be talking about: Second Chances? Do you believe people deserve a second chance if they already fucked up once? If you had to take a bid/do time for somebody that you love, would you do it? If so how many years could you do it for? THOT. What is THOT? Last thing we going mention is the incident that happened in Philadelphia about the three children who died from a car robbery. So call in @ 347-215-9272 and discuss these topics with us.

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Today we wull be talking about: giving these men advice of how they should treat there woman. Do you believe you that all you have is family? Do you think you can always trust your family? You ever think about the future and what... more

Today we will be talking about: What is an impressive first date? Do you think marriage is something that has to happen down the line in your relationship to the person that you are in love with? There talking about passing a law where you... more

Today we will be talking about:Flashy Niqqas? Why do these girls out here fall for these flashy ass niqqas? Its not going getchu nowhere bruh. 856Entertainment is the new movement. How can we get the whole city involved?Need more... more

Today we will be talking about: Metro Police? Do you guys believe that metro are a little over board doing there job? Give us your opinion. Do you think that sports and music is the only way an urban kid can make it out the hood? Is there any... more

Today we will be talking about: Envy/Hate. Why do people now and days have to hate on or be jealous on one another now and days? How much of an impact it is for a child not growing up with his/her father in there life? Your... more

Today we will be talking about: Baby mom/Baby dad drama? Woman now and days say guys think with there private area instead of there brain. Do you believe this theory? Tell us your opinion. Do you engage conversation during sex?... more

Today we will talk about: How did 856entertainment come about? What are the goals and accomplishments that we want this radio station/show to have? Broke Niqqas? Do you think prostitution is wrong? Give us your honest opinion. Why... more

Today we will be talking about:Broke Bitches? Why do alot of girls believe that only the guy has to make the money. In reality would you tell your partner how many people you actually slept with in your lifetime? Why or why or why not?... more

Today we will be talking about: As of right now who is your favorite rapper of all time? Why do girls now and days call guys thirsty when there the ones who should be called thirsty for attention? Are you satisfied of how your life is going... more

Today we will talk about: Why dont people take relationship seriously now and days? We will have full explanation on that question. Why is females so attracted to Jordans and Tattoos, does personality even matter anymore? How do you... more