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A Tale of Three Cities (1) – I did it my way

Genesis 4:17 - And Cain knew his wife, and she conceived and bore Enoch. And he built a city, and called the name of the city after the name of his son — Enoch. NKJV 

Cain, the first man born of a woman, the coagulate of the original sin now fermenting in his mother Eve and his father Adam; a religious vegetarian, and denier of the need of a blood sacrifice and therefore of his own sin. Cain displayed the two traits of the great traitor, his new spiritual father, Satan, in that he was a both liar and a murderer. Yes, Cain murdered, even martyred  his brother Able, and from the outraged accusations of the blood leached soil whose clamor and indignation rose up to heaven, Cain’s summary trial led to his banishment from the sin bewitched family of God who took solace in their loss and offered sacrifice for their sin before the closed gates of Eden, whose same entrance was garrisoned by Cherubim’s with flaming swords.

Cain, now marked in some way by God to turn away the striking hand of any future avenger of blood, is sorry and sad over his punishment (but not his sin) and leaves the family seat and begins his ultimately aimless journey further away from the Father. Cain however, has now a hardened and a rebel heart and so, rejecting repentance, whilst shaking his fist at God, he puts down his roots and sets down his own foundations, establishing his own community, and his own center of government, and prepares an inheritance for his own progeny in building what is the very first of ten thousand rebel cities which shall set up their own bars and gates in the rejection of the rule of the most High God.  Even today, the word on the lying streets is that ‘the earthly city’ is man’s greatest........................