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This show is for me to vent about all the stupid sports people we have in the D, I will focus mostly on hockey

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This episode will cover and few different topics with a bulk of the conversation being control by a recent work trip I took where I crossed over from Port Huron MI to Sarnia ONT. Other Topics include: LLWS Detroit Lions Kicker situation... more

First 30min show ever! This show wil spend the first half on Topics which are in the news recently while the second half relates directly to sports. Topics: News: Alex Trebek, Fast food $15/hr Sports; Shawn Burr, T. Young. A. Shaw, J Howard

My mind bounces all around, screw the rules lets see where I end up
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Round 2 of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs contains 2 differents series with original 6 teams. This Episode will talk about the match up between the Wings and the Hawks,

The first episode its certainly a learning curve and I'm sure i'll stumble around but its time to talk. Is Jimmy Howard and elite goalie/is he good enough for a playoff run?