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5G Sports Talk is a Sports show that is dedicated to giving up to the minute sports stories and insight. Like us on Facebook and twitter at 5GSportsTalk. 5G Entertainment Show will have guest on that range from music to film. I will ask questions about what they are doing currently and well as in the future. I will ask questions that you the listener may have. We will air every Friday at 8 p.m PST.

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5G Sports Talk Host: Derek Taylor Co-Host: Hakeem Ade our show website www.5gsportstalk.com Brought to you by www.cloud77pro.com Art-Is-Umm: The Way To Heal A cinematically spirited documentary film story about Art and... more
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5G Sports Talk NFL Segment: R U SERIOUS. John Lackey is divorcing his wife after she finds out she has cancer)(Brought to you by Beat Doc. need beats call the doc) MLB Segment: Should we care? (What pro players do in their... more

We will be talking about this past weekend in the NFL and this coming sundays games. brought to you by Simply Nareida, on her blog she writes about the advocacy and awareness of autism and behavioral disorders in children. More... more

5G Sports Talk http://www.blogtalkradio.com/5gsportstalk/2011/08/31/the-highs-and-lows-of-sports 5G Sports talk... more

5G Sports Talk Football NFL Patriots/Dolphins game review Broncos/Raiders game review Did Jason Wittin cost the cowboys the game? Will McNabb help or hurt Minnesota? Is Cam Newton for real? How big was the Ravens win over... more

5G Sports Talk Football: NFL Green Bay/Saints game breakdown Can Darren Sproles make saints fans forget about Bush? What team would be a good fit for David Garrard Should Manning call it a career? With all the injuries that... more

5G Sports Talk Football: NFL The NFL the colts suspended their new head coach Jim Trussell for the first 6 games because of his role in h Ohio State scandal, is this far? Are the Cardinals ready to take the NFC West? Was cutting... more

5G Sports Talk Football: NFL Is Dez Bryant the second coming of Michael Irving? Is it hard being a Raider fan? Fact or fiction, The Lions will have a winning season? Did the Saints gain or lose when they let Reggie Bush go for Darren... more

5G Sports Talk http://www.5gsportstalk.com/ Football: NFL Vick had a rough outing against the Cleveland Brown, should the Eagles be worried? Are the Colts in a decline? What should the titans do about Chris Johnson? Segment: R U... more

5G Sports Talk Football: NFL How bad is Tim Tebow? With Terrelle Pryor to Oakland, what will happen to Jason Campbell? Is Cam Newton ready for the NFL? Do you agree with the new kick off rule? Segment: R U SERIOUS.(Kyle... more

Football: NFL •Should Chris Johnson is still holding out and says he wants to be one of the highest paid players in the NFL. Should he or shouldn't he? •With all of the offensive personnel moves that the Ravens made, will this... more
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