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A Leprosy-Albinism/Vitiligo & RACE MIXING, is it BIBLICAL-P2

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5 Smooth Stones

5 Smooth Stones


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Did you know if  Adam would of never sinned we wouldn't have  vitiligo or albinism on the earth, that mean "no WHITE SKIN" on the planet. Also, only black hair people would exist. No things like hair loss, memory loss, excessive tall or very short people,etc.. This is not a hate message, we truly love all people.  This blog is declaring in the end that  "WE ARE ONE FLESH."   Also note, if we simply forget about racism & bigotry and love each other as a color blind society there is just one little problem, because of  the black gene being dominate  "We will annihilate white skin from the planet."   If the  Most High made all us different colors for race destinction why should we erase something he made? Is there such a thing as a race based on color? And are we suppose to mix races if we're destroying the Father's plan for the so-called races. After Adam & Eve fell mankind started having problem with their planet, environment & even their bodies, growth issues, hair issues, issues with their eyes, and yes skin issues, losing pigmentation which is one type of  "BIBLE LEPROSY."  You will learn that there is no such thing as a race based on color. No such thing as a white/black man but Nation_alites.  Click here for short video of albinism proving all come from dark skin (melanin).  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjBlZl8RON8 Lastly, read Lev. 13:13 If  leprosy was sores, why is it your clean when your covered with this from head to toe, doesn't make sense does it?  Can't miss this !!