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"Righteousness is a Gift-not of works " (Shall we Sin then?) Part 2

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
5 Smooth Stones

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Seth discuss Law vs grace with brothers from their weekly Sabbath Bible study. This include being justified by Faith with the "Free" gift of righteousness from the Father to be able to have a relationship with him. He plan to with scripture (and with the help of the Most High), put further to rest the debate of working to muster up your own righteousness with the scriptures. Also see the amazon book link above (to the right of the title) of Andrew Wommack's book dealing the Law and Grace. This teaching I recommend because it saved my spiritual life. I don't agree with him on every subject, but this HE NAILS. Below (at the very bottom of this message) is a link to free audio teachings on this specific subject in the entire book of Romans. Lastly, I never meet a believer that believe that it was alright to live any old kinda way for salvation. I have meet people that lived any old kind of way out of rebelling against the LAWS they knew. Most Saints know we have many laws to live by, however the question is: Are we made clean (or justified) by any of our own efforts to keep laws/commandments+faith. Or, are we cleanse (or justified) by the blood and death of Christ alone, period!!! But, charged to obey many laws/commandments that the holy spirit gives us daily(many not in the bible) that we might live life more abundantly, knowing our Justification doesn't come by this effort but as a FREE GIFT." Even for us Israelite (so-called African Americans), YES we are commanded to keep the Sabbath and Feast days in all our dwellings where we have been scattered, forever, but we're not Righteous (cleaned) by our effort in doing that!! SO ALL OF YOU WHO BELIEVE IN THE YOUR EFFORTS OF KEEPING LAWS+FAITH FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS AND NOT FAITH ALONE FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS, THESE AUDIO FILES I SO SO SO RECOMMEND, ESPECIALLY CHAPTERS 5,6,7 AND 8. Awake Zion Put on thy strength...(here is the link) http://www.awmi.net/extra/audio/righteousness