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5 Smooth Stones (Five Answers) are 100% for the restoration of this planet by the kingdom of God (YHWH) principles. We are called to do our part by delivering Five Smooth Stones. This includes but not limited to helping reveal who are the real Jews(Israelites) who are not in Israel but scattered to the four corners as the bible says. Also, helping to restore a remnant of them who will seek the Most High in spirit & truth. This is the remnant (election) spoken of in Rom.11:5. This work is vital for understanding bible prophecies, current events in the church and world, also for understanding why no peace in Israel, and why African American and other specific groups in the world was enslaved and is living out biblical prophecies that's to be on Israel, Esp. if they disobey the Father as a nation [Deu.28(esp v46) and Lev.26}. There's so much more we share. Stop By and hear a mighty thing the Most High is doing all over the Earth!! Awake Real Zion!! Disclaimer: While we don't believe that the people in Israel are the true Israelites (Jews) of the bible, we don't condone hatred, violence or any physical harm to them as brothers/sisters of the human family. Neither do we seek a separate land from anyone. However, we righteous people of all ethnic backgrounds would love separation from wicked people of all ethnic backgrounds. Show's Phone#(760) 283 0838, show times varies stay tuned by getting a reminder sent to you (front page). Check out my library at this link: http://books.google.com/books?uid=109534761550018037327&as_coll=8&source=gbs_lp_bookshelf_list

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5 Smooth Stones

"Righteousness is a Gift-not of works " (Shall we Sin then?) Part 1

  • by 5 Smooth Stones
I'd love to know what everyone think about this subject, esp. you Israelites, many are rejecting this gift after taking out a ruler and measuring sin, not understanding either you have to perfect in it. Or you need a spotless lamb.
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