Lana Fuchs: The Blueprint, Sin City Rules, Billionaire MAFIA

50 Shades of Fame and Fortune

50 Shades of Fame and Fortune

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Love her or hate her you'll always remember her. Hosts Valery Satterwhite and Holly Stephey interview Lana Fuchs, Sin City Rules star, successful entrepreneur and author of The Blueprint: Success is a State of Mind.

In 2008, Lana founded Billionaire Mafia, a luxury clothing, accessories and jewelry company, bringing trendsetting and cutting-edge fashions to influential people in the hip-hop music industry and anyone who wanted to transcend from everyday convention to self-expression.

Discover how it's possible to have an over-the-top life complete with a pet monkey who has its own butler while at the same time empowering the divine spirit and human potential within.

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