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For The Love Of My People

For The Love Of My People


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For the Love of My People is exactly what the name suggests: the unconditional, unequivocal love, care, and concern for Black People. With the support and

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The panel will be discussing issues centered around Black people's perception of themselves. Has our perception of just what it means to be Black in America changed over the last 50 years? Have Black people become better advocates... more

Today thousands of Black people have been elected to political offices across this country. Black people are ceo's of corporations and owners of businesses. We are world renown surgeons and prima ballerinas and one of us even sat in the white... more

Are we so starved for the attention of our enemies that we are glad to have him trivialize our history into 30 second sound bites between one brain numbling tv program and the next? The panel will discuss the dangers inherent in accepting... more

The panel will discuss answers to the question: Is Baltimore city reforming or deforming? In light of the guilty GTTF everyone seems to have a plan to fix historic problems that they allowed to continue under their watch. All of them:... more

If Black History Month is to have any real and meaningful resonance in the minds and hearts of Black youth in this country, then it must be a truly authentic, Black recounting and honoring of our story in North America. We must people our... more

The state of Black people in America is a precarious one. We are a people divided. We are divided in our minds, divided in our hearts, and divided in our loyalties in a day and time when only our unity will save us. We have all heard... more

There are real human tragedies playing themselves out on the streets and in the lives of Black people in Baltimore city. Thousands are without stable housing. Almost 3,000 public school students are identified as homeless. Political leaders... more

Baltimore is a city in deep, pervading trouble. This trouble is like a heavy, greasy cloud low to the ground and touching everything. Once it was called "the city that reads." Now it is the city that bleeds and this constant, steady flow has left it a... more

The panel will be discussing the current "polititrickal" atmosphere in Baltimore in light of its public school crisis, where students are forced to receive their woefully inadequate education in school buildings that are falling into disrepair faster than... more

Well here we are at the beginning of 2018, but unlike so many, we are in no hurry to wipe from our minds the people and incidents that have had such a significant impact on Black people in 2017. We must not go into 2018 with our minds... more