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For The Love Of My People

For The Love Of My People


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For the Love of My People is exactly what the name suggests: the unconditional, unequivocal love, care, and concern for Black People. With the support and

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We have talked about numerous subjects and incorporated the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad into them all, but tonight our sole focus will be on what Islam has done for us. In these days, as the events of darkness and... more

The vast majority of terrorists in America have not been wild eyed jihadist's Muslims, or even brown-skinned, starving migrants on the way from Central America, but white men who operate beneath America's so-called terrorist... more

Robbery. Murder. Rape. All these things are at their highest point during a time that this society is promoting holiness and justice. Who are the victims of these contrary traditions that are projected as solutions to our depression? We have... more

When things aren't clear, it brings about confusion and gives the unfair the opportunity to justify their injustice. In these most critical times in our city with an increasing murder rate, police corruption (both blatant and insinuated), along... more

The Emancipation Proclamation. We were still slaves. The Civil Rights Movement. We were still slaves. After receiving divine intervention, we're still slaves. From the plantations to the penitentiaries: a slavery of prisons. It seems impossible for us... more

As our community leaders come through our neighborhoods do they care enough to bring solutions, or do they just make appearances to increase their vanity and personal opportunities? Do they exemplify love or do they disguise their own... more

We have been voting in America since 1870 and to what effect? The vote is offered to us as the universal panacea for what ails us, yet we remain sick. Our enemies could care less about our hopeless vote because only the hopeless... more

Very few are satisfied. Many are complaining. Life is rare. Death is everywhere. Father killing son. Mother killing daughterr. Babies dying young. Children out of order. These are just a few of the tears of the curse from rejecting the teachings... more

The status and monetary success of our Black celebrities has brought notoriety to them, but has this and its pursuit brought us closer to God and right or further away? Is this sufficient to sustain the Black nation in this day and time, or is this... more

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that "educationis a guide for the people to keepand maintaina civilized life," but schooling (which is what we receive) is a facory for the manufacturing of tools to be used by the educated of... more