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The only show in the nation for, by and about incarcerated women. The moving and compelling stories on how they got there and why so many deserve their freedom.

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09 SIN BY SILENCE The compelling documentary about battered women who killed their abusers and are now serving life sentences in a California prison. Joining us will the filmmaker, Olivia Klaus, Dr. Elizabeth Leonard and special... more

PRISON FOR FUN AND PROFIT, THE SELLING OFF OF AMERICA’S PRISONS Guests include a former employee of the Corrections Corporation of America and Caroline Issacs, director of the American Friends Committee.

THE DAY THE WORLD CAUGHT FIRE Join our discussion on the anniversary of that horrific day in 1985 when the Philadelphia police department dropped a bomb from a helicopter onto the rooftop of the MOVE residence. The resulting fire... more

The Wrongfully Convicted: We marched and protested on their behalf, now what do we do?

She Should have know Better: Women who are serving life sentences because they “should have known that their abusive partners were dangerous to their children” Join us to learn about this horrifying extension of criminal liability.

Battered and Pregnant: The story of Norma Cumpian and the desperate choice she was forced to make to save her unborn child.

Women and the Three Strikes Learn the truth about one of the harshest sentencing laws ever adopted in the United States and its impact on women and their families. Our guests will include Geri Silva, founder and Executive... more

Women in Florida State Prisons. The moving and compelling stories about what led up to their incarceration, and why so many deserve their freedom. We will be discussing issues of abuse, domestic violence, unjust sentencing, and politics... more

Staked out In The desert and left to die: What happened to Marcia Powell? An Arizona prisoner named Marcia Powell was put into a human cage in the broiling desert sun and left there to await transfer; 4 hours later she collapsed. Where... more

Freedom March All across the country people are joining to protest the huge numbers of wrongfully convicted people incarcerated in America. We will talk to the founders and organizers of this national protest movement and learn... more
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