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The only show in the nation for, by and about incarcerated women. The moving and compelling stories on how they got there and why so many deserve their freedom.

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October is Prisoner Awareness Month: Join us in our journey through the system/ GUILTY WITH AN EXPLANATION We close out Prisoner Awareness Month by introducing our listeners to the stories of women who did commit a crime or... more

October is Prisoner Awareness Month: Join us in our journey through the system as we introduce you to the wrongfully convicted. Learn about a few of the thousands of innocent people who have been wrongfully convicted and... more

Prisoner Awareness Month: Who cares and why should we bother?

TAKE ACTION Tired of talking and seeing no results? Join us as we build and launch a grassroots movement to release the elderly and disabled from prison. Millions of dollars can be saved by releasing inmates who pose no threat to... more

9/29/09 What's happening in Florida? Women in Florida prisons are dying from bad medical care, parole is a thing of the past and clemency is rarely granted. Meanwhile politicians are talking about all the new changes they implementing in... more

JUVENILE INJUSTICE America is one of the only countries in the world that sentences juveniles to life without parole. Learn from the experts about ways to restore justice for our young people

DEBBIE PEAGLER: LIFE AFTER FREEDOM Debbie will be our special guest as we celebrate her release and learn what she is doing to create public awareness about compassionate release and her own situation. Also joining us will be... more

9/8/09 SENTENCED TO DEATH: PRISON HEALTH CARE IN AMERICA Most people believe that prison inmates receive wonderful medical care but nothing is farther from the truth. Learn what really goes on in prison clinics and why... more

A special segment focusing on women serving time in Florida State Prisons who deserve their freedom and why the parole and clemency boards should release them.

GHOST PRISONERS This show examines, the exploding lifer population which is rapidly becoming a population of the elderly and disabled. Join our discussion as we search for answers to deal with this group of prisoners.
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