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4 Justice is a radio program that educates citizens on the way government REALLY works. Join us as we expose corrupt high-ranking officials--and the supporting cast of characters who support them--in an effort to target and harass private citizens for profit. Tune in to learn how you can take action, 4 Justice.

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Are you a veteran that has faced or is facing foreclosure? What can you do to protect your home? Get answers with our foreclosure correspondent Marilyn Veincentotzs and the the VA Vet who on January 4, 2013 sued the US... more

President Barak Obama is the official winner of the 2012 election. Now what? If you voted for him, why? Do you know where he stands on various issues? Do you agree with what he stands for and if not what are you going to do about it? The... more

4 Justice Radio pays tribute to a real advocate for the people: the late attorney Norman Sirak. We'll review Norman's Sirak's contribution to true legal advocay for those wrongfully imprisoned and most recently, his work to assist those who are... more

People focus so much on the corrupt government, the corrupt politicians, judges, attorneys--but, what about the corrupt individual? How can corrupt individuals, demand a just government? Who is fooling who, in the "fight for justice"? Justice... more

Coaches, teachers and preachers are abusing children, the US is engaged in war across the globe, people are being illegally removed from their home by banks--with the help of the judges, attorneys and the court system and "captains... more

The latest superhero flick, "The Dark Knight Rises" has 4 lessons for all would-be crime fighters and heroes 4 Justice. Tune in as the Justice Journalist discusses the correlation between the movie, life and the headlines. Notice: We do not... more

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this important announcement: The End is Here. Are you ready? Listen in as the Justice Journalist shines a light on the headlines and exposes the reality behind the... more

Do you believe that only poor, deadbeats have faced foreclosure? Our guest Deborah Breuner, a once wealthy heiress of the Breuner family and the John Breuner Furniture Company, established in 1856 in Northern, California, tells her... more

The latest news on foreclosures with our foreclosure correspondent, Marilyn Viencentozs. Did you get a default notice from your home mortgage servicer or lender in? What is a "default notice"? Is there any help for a homeowner facing... more

California citizens in San Bernadino county are alleging corruption in the probate court involving judges like Aviva K. Bob (retired), Michael Welch and others in conservatorship cases. Join us as Ernest Moore, citizen advocate and founder of... more
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