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Our shows main mission is to glorify God, spread the good news that Jesus is coming soon, and emphasize how it was foretold by Jesus 2000 years ago.

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One of the Biblical prophecies that is quickly coming to pass is the battle of Gog and Magog, Russia (The Bear of the North) is and has been setting itself up as a major player on the world stage. The Holy Bible has foretold that this will take... more

Illuminati, The New World Order, UFO's, Aliens (Fallen Angels), or average American Joe? Come on folks, at what point do we stop blaming, and start taking a good look in the mirror? Millions of Americans vote for corrupt politicians... more

Tonight's show Part 2 of last nights episode, "American Media, Mind Control, Power, & Money with very special guest Pastor Paul Begley. We will be covering James 15:20 that speaks of Christian persecution, and exploring in depth..."do... more

Is today's media being used as a form of mind control to the American public? If not could it be used as such? Hey, folks ever see a young man who was born and raised in the American heartland, 100% pure country boy who dresses and acts... more

Tonight's show is part 2 of Romans 1:24-27 focusing on how lust, sexual sin, fornication, drugs, strip clubs, idolotry, prostitution, homosexuality, sexual perversion, and just disobedience to Almighty God in general is destroying... more

Tonight's broadcast will focus on Romans 1:25-27 which speaks about "vile affections" and unnatural lust which is another sign of Jesus Christ's soon return. Hollywood and the adult entertainment industry has been selling freak and... more

For years even decades America has been on the decline morally, socially, economically, spiritually, and in just about every other way you can imagine. Who's to blame? Well, the short answer? We are. Everyone of us, many may not... more

This is part 2 of a 4 part series on www.thedaysofnoahshow.com tonight's show will address how and why America has gone so soft on evil, violence, and all that is of a demonic and preverted nature. As a nation we not only tolerate evil... more

Although there are millions who come to know Jesus Christ every year and change their lives for the better, our movies, television shows, music, commercials, entertainers, churches, news media, politicans, athletes and just... more

Merry Christmas to all. Today's show will be starting at 7 PM Eastern time. Today's broadcast will focus on Jesus Christ's birth, glorifying God Almighty for the greatest gift of all Jesus Christ, Bible prophecy, and signs of Jesus' soon... more