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Leon Edward Jones Jr

411 talk zone radio show Saturday's from 6 pm - 8 pm with host Leon Jones


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During the shows we will discuss the current events that are taking place in America today.

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The black community is dysfunction because a number of us have sold our souls to white folks for money. During slavely the state of Virginia adopted the Meritorious Manumission Act. That was used for the slaves to sell each other out... more

I believe there are a number of people who call themselves Christians; however, they don't realize that their serving the pastors at their churches won't get them to the Kingdom. This is because they've accepted lifestyles such as... more

The purpose of God's laws is to define righteousness because they define the way we are suppose to live. Without his laws, we would be lost and we wouldn't know how he desires us to live; by law, we would be living in sin. Most of... more

We have been raised as a society when it comes to religion that the Sabbath Day is Sunday. According to the book of Exodus 31:16, there were 6 days of work and the seventh day was a day of rest. If you look at the modern church,... more

Are your beliefs based on truth or tradition? Would you change your beliefs if you were confronted with the truth? Truth is hard for many of us to bare because we have been living in the web of lies; today is no different. When we as... more

Once big issue that I am facing while I continue to re-educate blacks when it comes to the religion of christianity, is they are to comfortable with being indoctrinated by a religion that goes against the scripture. To often black people... more

Religions of the East and West have deceived been deceived into following Satan. Man made religions weren't placed into societies to be biblical; instead, many of these religions were and they continue to be used to control the masses of... more

I believe the black church has lost its roots with believing in God because of liberal teachings such as homosexuality, greed, paganism, and white supremacy. The black church used to be the center of the civil rights movement but, white... more

Many people including myself have stories that we can share when it come to tithing every Sunday when we go to church. The question that must be asked is who is benefitting from all of the money that the congregation is giving to the... more

One of the most harmful things integration into American society has done to Black America is deceive us all into believing that the government has the same interest in us as they do for White America and other races. Prior to integration... more