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Mark Radulich presents to you a number of great shows from 411mania.com We've got MMA, music reviews, The Long Road to Ruin (movie franchise discussions) and more!

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Everyone Loves a Bad Guy continues examining the villains of the comic book world, up this week is everyone's favorite billionaire arms dealer, Tony Stark as Iron Man.
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After a week hiatus the gang is back to talk about some fooseball ( that is what momma calls it). So join everyone favoratie jerk Tzley, the metal Coop, and the round mound of pound town Jesse as they talk about the expectations for their... more

The long road to ruin is back and concluding the look into the foundation of Lionsgate films, the Saw franchise. Guest host Robert Winfree and Sean Comer will be tackling the many issues of Saw IV, Saw V, Saw VI, and Saw 3-D.

The 411mania expert panel is back and breaking down the week in MMA. The UFC ran two shows last week, the finale of The Ultimate Fighter: Nations and their eleventh show on FOX which crowned a new number one contender... more

Everyone Loves a Bad Guy continues treading through the world of comic villains, this week tackling the rogues gallery of DC mainstay The Flash.

Robert Cooper and Sean Comer dig into the symphonic and beautiful discography of Finnish Power Metal band Nightwish.

The 411 expert panel is back and reviewing UFC Fight Night Nelson vs. Nogueira, including Roy Nelson's big KO win over Antontio "Minotauro" Nogueira, Clay Guida's unanimous decision win over Tatsuya Kawajiri, and all the rest of the... more

Everyone Loves a Bad Guy continues examining the villains of the comic world, this week we tackle baddies who have opposed the mighty Thor.

NOt much going on in the NFL news world soooo or first call in show happens tonight. The only topics on deck are Wrestlemania, Ultimate Warrior , how Kaepernick is a rapist, and Micheal Vick negative PR so climb on up in the... more

Gavin and Mark share their memories of the late, great WWE Superstar, The Ultimate Warrior!
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