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3 Women 3 Ways radio shows feature world recognized experts and researchers to cover feminism, current events, social developments and news about women world wide.

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SURVIVING AFTER THE CRISIS October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and a great way to start this month off is by talking about what happens after the trauma and crisis of experiencing domestic violence. The... more

THE NATIONAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE: WHERE'S IT LOCATED, WHEN DID IT START, AND WHAT DOES IT DO? For years, there's been a telephone number in Texas that anyone who needs information about domestic... more

LEGAL MARIJUANA IS ONE THING FOR ADULTS, BUT ARE WE ACCIDENTALLY POISONING LITTLE KIDS? Lots of folks are happy marijuana is legal in a lot of states, but there may be fallout no one thinks about.... more

WHO ARE THE RAPISTS ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES? Are there a few men on college men who perpetrate most of the rape there? Or are there hordes of men who rape once in a while? When trying to solve the issue of sexual assault... more

WOMEN, PROTECTION ORDERS, AND THE REAL COSTS TO VICTIMS You've experienced violence from your partner, and everyone is telling you to get a protection order. Sounds right. The legal aid representative tells you how to... more

Collusion – complicity – conspiracy. What do those words have to do with domestic violence? Well, one theory says uninformed communities, cities, social services organizations, batterers, and others, are all colluding in a... more

GAY CONVERSION THERAPY – REALLY? In case you never heard of it, some people think they can convert gays, especially young people, into heterosexuals by using a type of ?therapy.? Really! Of course this assumes that... more

?Fathers' rights? is a term bandied about on the web, in courtrooms, and in custody hearings. It's a term often used when discussing child support and visitation. But what about fathers' responsibilities? And what is the difference... more

SHARING THE STORY Why is it so important for trauma and domestic violence victims to tell their stories? Are they just sharing cautionary tales, or does the telling make a difference? It turns out that telling a trauma narrative does... more