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3 Women 3 Ways radio shows feature world recognized experts and researchers to cover feminism, current events, social developments and news about women world wide.

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Strangulation is can be lethal within minutes, and can cause a victim to black out in seconds. It's also used a lot by domestic violence perpetrators. Sometimes it's not taken very seriously by courts or law enforcement, or even by victims, but... more

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, HONOR CRIMES, AND IMMIGRANT WOMEN: THE COMMON FACTOR Domestic violence in the US, honor crimes in those ?other? countries: are they really so different? And what can this mean for women who... more

When doctors discovered that gonorrhea affected all classes of girls back in the late 19th Century, they dismissed any evidence about the transmission of the disease from fathers to daughters, and instead blamed --you guessed it-- women... more

Remember women's commissions? There was a time when such groups were appointed internationally, nationally, and even locally, to study the status of women and the progress being made in gender equality. But when was the last... more

A woman in San Francisco recently was scheduled to have a Cesarean section and decided she wanted to have a tubal ligation at the time of that surgery. Her doctor agreed. The problem? The hospital where she was going to have the... more

Research has indicated that far too often, family courts make decisions that hurt women and children who are already victims of abuse. For the many victims who have tried to fight such decisions and for the advocates and family... more

There are judges, guardians, lawyers, arbitrators, psychologists, advocates, mediators, child protection services, social workers, and more who all can be involved when there is a divorce or litigation in family courts across the country.... more

THE CRISIS IN THE FAMILY COURTS: THE ROLE OF THE FATHERS' RIGHTS MOVEMENT What is the Fathers' Rights Movement? What are the tenets of it, how did it get started, who are these people promoting it, and what is the reality... more

WHAT IS GOING ON IN OUR FAMILY COURTS? Abuse through the courts, revictimization, parental alienation, women lie, children given to abusers, judges who think that just because a woman is frantic there is something wrong... more