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3 Women 3 Ways radio shows feature world recognized experts and researchers to cover feminism, current events, social developments and news about women world wide.

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RAPE KITS BACKLOGGED ON SHELVES, RAPISTS FREE AS BIRDS. WHO'S DOING SOMETHING? We've all heard about the backlog of rape kits at crime facilities and police labs all across the country, and all the information locked in... more

Join Rita Henley Jensen, founder and editor of Womens eNews, and Rob Okun, Editor and author of Voice Male, as we discuss feminism around the world- what men and women are doing to promote equality and justice for women.

A PILL FOR ABORTION LANDS WOMAN IN JAIL FOR MURDER A Georgia woman took pills to end her pregnancy and the prosecutor charged her with murder. Huh? The 23-year old bought the pills on line that caused her to go into... more

REVENGE – NAKED AND VICTIMIZED ON THE INTERNET Bad enough to have a bad break up. Even worse when you think about the naughty pictures you took for him. But when that ex decides the best way to get back at you is to... more

AFTER SAFETY COMES MONEY After safety, money is probably one of the biggest concerns for domestic violence victims. Not just how to get some, but how to spend it, how to protect it, how to do what you have to do to record it, pay... more

SIBLING VIOLENCE- WHEN IS IT HORSEPLAY AND WHEN IS IT ABUSE? A friend once told me that her brother made her sit in a lawn chair while he attached it to a car battery to make an electric chair. What?! Sometimes sibling... more

ARE YOU WORKING WITH A BULLY? Are you working with a bully? More than 25% of us are. If you aren't being bullied, chances are you have seen someone being abused by a supervisor or coworker. When we talk workplace bullying,... more

HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY – NOW FIGHT TILL YOU BLEED JUST TO SEE YOUR KIDS That's what thousands of mothers will be doing this Sunday. Mothering is never easy, but for some moms, it means a gut wrenching battle... more

Replay of 01/24/15 episode "AFTER PRISON: WHO'S THERE TO HELP?"