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3 Women 3 Ways radio shows will speak to current events from perspective of 3 hosts life experiences.

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What do domestic violence and immigration have in common? A lot actually. Undocumented immigrants are often intimidated and held hostage by abusers who threaten to have the victim deported, or have the victim lose her children, or otherwise use the undocumented status to browbeat and entrap victims. Is domestic violence a reason for the US to grant sanctuary to an immigrant? Even immigrants with all the paper work in order have a tough row to hoe when it comes to safety. What if there is a language barrier that hinders a woman from letting others know about her abuse? What about employment status? So many questions. Thankfully we have a guest who has some answers. Su Ann Rose is the Department Administrator for the University of Wisconsin Madison Department of Gender and Women's Studies. She has experienced problems with immigrants and DV personally as well as professionally. Join us to learn more about immigration and domestic violence in the US today.
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Time to revisit a favorite past show.and this one is about tteatment programs for perpetrators of domestic vioence. Does it really work? Listen and find out.

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