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3 Women 3 Ways radio shows will speak to current events from perspective of 3 hosts life experiences.

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Did you know that Italian schools are now teaching classes in how not to kill your girlfriend? That a study carried out by Peru's National Mental Health Institute found that 21% of women in that country experience domestic violence daily? That domestic violence and rape have gone up in South Africa? Women's status and crimes against women is the focus ot Saturday's show with Rita Henley Jensen, world traveler and editor of Women's E-News. Join us for a rocking discussion of women's issues world wide. Join us at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/3women3ways and call in to 646-378-0430.
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SUICIDE: WHAT ABOUT THOSE LEFT BEHIND? We've all known a friend of a friend, or a family member, or even a celebrity who shocked and dumbfounded us because of his or her suicide. Your children may have school friends who have... more

With the death of Joan Rivers this week, it seems like everyone is talking about her role in shaping the world's view of women in comedy. So what about women in comedy? Is there such a thing as ?women's humor?? Is it only funny when... more

THE BULLY AND THE BULLIED Kids get bullied. Adults get bullied. Workers get bullied. It's just a fact of life, right? We grow up change jobs, move new places and there's no harm, no foul, right? Well, maybe not. Could bullying actually be... more

Everybody's been talking about ?Fifty Shades of Gray? the notorious book soon to be movie, telling the story of a young girl experimenting with sexuality with a gorgeous, rich sadist. So is it just a good fantasy, or is it something darker? A... more

ATHLETES, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, AND ARE WE TAKING IT SERIOUSLY? We've all seen the headlines- Ray Rice gets two game suspension for knocking his fiancé unconscious and dragging her off a casino elevator.... more

We've heard (and experienced) so much wrong with the family court system. Judges don't get it, the process is another way to abuse a partner, the courts and other professionals are making money hand over fist because of all the extra... more

Dr. Jill Murray IF IT DOESN'T LEAVE A BRUISE, CAN IT BE ABUSE? How can it be abuse when he never hit me? How can you call it domestic violence when there are no black eyes or broken bones? Easy. There are many ways one... more

You've heard it - ?My wife is crazy, but the courts are so prejudiced against men, she got full custody.? ?He was abusing me in front of the children, but the judge didn't even pay attention to me- he got full custody.? ?We have shared custody... more

The news article covers the latest woman murdered by her husband, and quotes a neighbor saying, ?I can't believe it, he was such a nice guy!? The TV reporter leers happily at the woman wearing a swimsuit while doing a story about a... more