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Did you know that Italian schools are now teaching classes in how not to kill your girlfriend? That a study carried out by Peru's National Mental Health Institute found that 21% of women in that country experience domestic violence daily? That domestic violence and rape have gone up in South Africa? Women's status and crimes against women is the focus ot Saturday's show with Rita Henley Jensen, world traveler and editor of Women's E-News. Join us for a rocking discussion of women's issues world wide. Join us at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/3women3ways and call in to 646-378-0430.
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A Missouri State Representative has proposed a bill that would require women to get a notarized signature (no forgeries, ladies!) from the father of the baby in order to get an abortion. Really- a permission slip! And don't think you could... more

SUPERVISED VISITATION – THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UNREALISTIC If you've never known anyone who had some pretty rugged child custody battles, you may not know what supervised visitation is. In cases where the courts are... more

Time to revisit a favorite past show.and this one is about tteatment programs for perpetrators of domestic vioence. Does it really work? Listen and find out.

IS THIS WHAT WE CAN DO TO ELIMINATE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE? We are always asking ourselves what we can do to prevent or eliminate domestic violence (DV). Could the Quincy Solution be the answer? It makes sense that ending DV... more

You've probably wondered what to do if you know someone in a domestic violence situation. What if you are confronted with domestic violence with a stranger or acquaintance? What's a bystander supposed to do in that situation?... more

Did you know There's a U.S. district court judge in Alabama who was arrested in August after his wife called 9-1-1 crying and being audibly beaten by her husband? The police report says the good judge blodied the woman's face and... more

Sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse -- each brings with it a heavy burden for victims to deal with. But as bad as that trauma is, having it committed by one we rely on like a parent or clergyman, makes that trauma so... more

The drama never seems to end for the NFL. After years of getting a slap on the hand for violence against women, the athletes are going to face a new tough policy in the future. And the NFL hired former Manhattan prosecutor Lisa Friel... more

Really, if 7th Heaven's Rev. Eric Camden can be a child molester, is nothing sacred? Well, no. Not when it comes to the abuse of children. In light of the recent allegations and investigations into actor Stephen Collins (TV's Rev. Camden)... more