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3 Women 3 Ways

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3 Women 3 Ways radio shows feature world recognized experts and researchers to deliver current, objective and engaging information to raise awareness of social justice issues especially gendered violence and equality.

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GUNS AND INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE: THE FACTS A million women alive today have been shot or shot at in intimate partner violence situations. Gun ownership, gun rights, gun violence…all are different when we are talking... more

Guns are evil and should be heavily controlled. US citizens have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Young people's greatest fears right now are school shootings. No one needs a gun.... more

SAY SHE'S CRAZY AND WATCH THE COURTS IGNORE VIOLENCE AGAINST HER ?She's crazy, delusional, mentally ill (now that she's divorcing me, but before she was just fine).? Funny how that seems to be the song abusers, judges,... more

WHY DO PEOPLE BLAME THE VICTIM? We hear the expression. ?blaming the victim,? but do we really know what that means? Or why we do it? Sherry Hamby, PhD, has made it her business to study victim blaming. Hamby is Director of the... more

A CRITIQUE OF CNN COVERAGE OF FAMILY COURT What's worse than judges and guardians ad litem who don't understand domestic violence and child custody? How about a major national media reporter who purports to cover... more

WORKPLACE PESTS: IDIOPATHIC MUTUAL IRRITANTS You probably know about those pesky people at work, but do you know about Idiopathic Mutual Irritation. Louise Penberthy does, and she can give advice to all of us on how to... more

FAMILY COURT FROM A SUPREME COURT CANDIDATE'S VIEW So how do family courts work and why are they often such a mess? What constitutional issues do they raise? Who's to blame when the system runs roughshod over the... more

THE TRUTHS ABOUT CUSTODY AND FATHERS' RIGHTS What are the truths about child custody, fathers' rights, and how did we get here? Guest Doreen Ludwig, author, advocate and researcher, focuses on the impact of federal... more