The Three Theologians: Bob, Jon & Jane


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My name is Jane Hoffman. I received a Masters in Political Science with International Relations theory emphasis at Cal State Northridge. I am also familiar with American government theory such as Louis Hartz, Martin Diamond, Lipset and others. My co-host Jon Yoder is the music leader at the Pearl Street Baptist Church in Santa Monica. We both have expertise in Old and New Testament prophecy and Christ's teachings. Bob Aldridge, an Aramaic Bible Scholar, often joins us.

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Jon reflects how the lessons of D day mirror his own life uphill challenges. Bob reflects on his modern day struggles. Jane reflects her situation. How modern struggles give favor to the humble Christian who doesn't buy in to world... more

Th ex hockey player won't return calls even to the media. Why Northern Minnesota politics is heating up. Isis is smuggling oil from Iraq and Syria, they may be cut off soon. ISIS won't last long with 10 nations against including the... more

The Turkish Kurds are trying to get involved with the refugee situation on the border of Syria and Turkey. France has stepped up to the plate and taken its own initiation in wiping out ISIS strongholds where munitions and supplies are... more

Fran Tarkenton is even asked to weigh in on Adrian Peterson scandal. Is proper behavior set for too high a standard for NFL? Corporate sponsors are fleeing the NFL under new controversy. Peterson's child abuse case has exponentialized.... more

Mrs. Delaurentis was never easy to figure out. In my opinoin, she was an abusive mother the way she spoke to Alison. Alison's dad is gone all the time, too, since Mrs. D's death. Hanna seems to be in a bad place this seaso and her bad hair... more

Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, whose next? This is a untimely set of bad circumstances for the Vikings. This uncovers a whole new can of worms. He has 7 kids with 5 different mothers? Then why isn't his reputation as bad as... more

Can there be a fundraiser to raise a private worldwide army to eliminate Isis? Would it defy American constiutionality? Mercenary fighters have gone to battle in Central America and Chile before. We conclude it may be politically incorrect to... more


Saddam Hussein was a nationalist who wanted to dominate the region but he didn't have the resources after the Iranian 10 year war. The U.S. tried to implant democracy in an Islamic Civil strife state which was impossible even over a 10... more

Its not a country. Its a borderless ragtag band of Muslim zealots ready to purge anyone who is not as holy as them or not their religion. Look out. Its the forerunner to Armageddon. It was created from the dismantling of iron grip... more