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My name is Jane Hoffman and i am a columnist for the Duluth Reader Weekly. I received a Masters in Political Science with International Relations theory emphasis at Cal State Northridge. I am also familiar with American government theory such as Louis Hartz, Martin Diamond, Lipset and others. My co-host Jon Yoder is the music leader at the Pearl Street Baptist Church in Santa Monica. We both have expertise in Old and New Testament prophecy and Christ's teachings. Bob Aldridge, an Aramaic Bible Scholar, often joins us.

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Jane talks about her brother, Steve, and their relationship. Jon adds advice about his relative disputes.

The D.A. has no business saying she cannot rely on any other sources but police reports when 134 incidents have occurred in the last ten years of police brutality without one conviction. Over 26 homicides have been committed by police also... more

Jon is flabberghasted by the fact that the drug war in Miami was so intense in the early 1980s that even Ronald Reagan was advised not to enter the city of Miami at ALL. The early 1980s was brought on by a borderless situation where drug... more

There is already one dead person attributed beyond Michael Brown's grave in reparations for his death. Mr. Joshua said his son DeAndre Joshua should not have died in lieu of Michael Brown because he never testified to a grand jury.... more

Nobody seemed to pay attention another young man died the night of the Grand Jury decision in Ferguson. This and eyewitness testimony released from Grand Jury hearing by bystanders of Michael Brown's death.

I think we have gone beyond the question of whether Michael Brown was innocent or guilty. It's too late to control what Darren Wilson did but it is still disturbing that the whole truth will never come out. The grand jury hearing and testimony was... more

I am getting really angry about these kinds of stories. i don't know how the kid behaved but he was a kid. Cops can't be gun happy. It's really sad and tragic. I have a 1/2 Black child who is six ft 2. He does not play with guns or have fake... more

Bill Cosby was that guy everyone laughed with. Let's hope now no one is laughing at him. At age 77, he faces the biggest trial of his life. Where did his sexual deviancy derive from? Heidi Fleiss has an unrepentant heart. After being busted... more

I will go into fine detail of my casual friendship with Larry Elder that promalgated this broadcast. I lived in Los Angeles from 1999-2012 and also 1987-1991. I became a listener of Larry's show on KABC. I didin't agree with him on all levels.... more