3 Muses and a Universe

3 Muses and a Universe


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Join the 3 Muses as they muse about the Universe! Tierney, Mary and Sheila talk about important topics with humor, style and wisdom. Come be inspired!

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Join Tierney, Sheila and Mary as they discuss the topic of "Speaking Your Truth". It is a bold thing to do and many find it difficult to speak it, but even more of an issue even knowing what that is. Join in on the conversation!

Join Mary, Sheila and Tierney as they talk about being Alone. Do you find it hard being alone? Are you uncomfortable in the silence? Listen in as the 3 Muses talk about developing and healing your relationship with yourself.

The 3 Muses, Tierney, Sheila and Mary talk about how your Spiritual Identity plays a role in all aspects of your life. Sometimes we create the new without fully releasing the old. Join the Muses as they a-muse and inspire deeper thought!

Join Tierney, Sheila and Mary as they discuss being Human and making peace with the pain.

Join Sheila, Tierney and Mary talk about Manifestation. What is it anyway? Tune in to hear 3 unique perspectives!

Join Tierney, Sheila and Mary as they discuss the topic of Forgiveness. Is it necessary? How do you let go when you still have strong feelings? This promises to be a profound show!

Join the 3 Muses as they discuss the important topic of Letting Go. Most know how important it is, but not as many really know how to do it, or the real impact of holding onto things that have passed. Mary, Sheila and Tierney will be... more

The 3 Muses talk Relationships!

The Three Muses, Sheila Cash, Mary Phelan and Tierney Sadler talk about Healing. What is it really? How can you access the natural healing available all the time? Come join in on the conversation!

The 3 Muses, Mary, Sheila and Tierney, talk about Karma. What is it anyway? Is it real? Join in on the lively conversation!