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3 Layer Cake


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3 Layer Cake is about Life, Love, and Living from a Three layered perspective. Hosted by 3 of the coolest ladies on the planet. **** We no longer Host this show, but you can tune in to www.exceptionalradio.com to listen to my new radio show "The S Spot"

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:::::::Ladies, I have been listening to my male callers, call-in and complain about us for some months now... so, I have to ask, are we really THAT bad? ::::Are we immasculating men with our attitudes and outrageous demands? Have we... more

:: :: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE & MORE LOVE!!! This show will be a very special LOVE edition, because we are linking up with Mr. Lentheus Chaney, Creator of "Urban Lux Magazine" STYLE I CULTURE I CONSCIENCE To cover this thing we call... more

:::: The best way to make changes is to start with one thing at a time. You want to lose weight, then do the research on how to lose it and keep it off. You want to change your diet, start by eliminating certain foods that counter your efforts to... more

:::::We've all heard it a thousand times or more... "Don't say this/that...you're gonna make it come true!" How much of that do you truly beleive in? How true is that statement? 100% dead on! ::::Here's another one, "Be careful for what you... more

::::We all know we are supposed to drink water, but it just tastes so bland, right? Perhaps that is because we are not getting the best that it has to offer...... :::::::: If you are thinking tap water is the same as bottled water, you are dead wrong!... more

:: :: ::It's a new year everyone, and I am sure you've all made resolutions, right? Well, if you have, we hope that you are sticking to them. If not, we need to talk! :: ::Ok, so you're sick of making the same resolutions and not sticking with... more

:::: We say it quite a bit... :: I'll have this car-FOREVER! :: We'll be friends-FOREVER!! :: I'll Love you-FOREVER!!! ::::::: Then, as soon as Life turns its back, we're on to the next best ... WHATEVER! :::: Why can't we stick to... more

We are at it again! Time to stir up some stuff!! :: So, you're a "Nice Guy" or a "Good Girl" and as luck would have it, you get stepped all over, right? Wrong! We'll tell you why this does not have to happen... :::::::: More topics... more

:: :: We had so much fun talking about "DYSFUNCTION" last Sunday that we decided to go another round... :: :: :: This time we're gonna go deep into some of the most entertaining of Top 10 Lists... ::We have multiple Top 10 Lists that... more
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