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From Courtney TrippTV to 3B Reviews on Twitter, Courtney brings her love for Days of our Lives to BlogTalkRadio! Reviews, spoilers, and of course, Courtney's blunt opinions hit the airwaves every Saturday night!

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3B Soap Reviews returns TONIGHT! to discuss the popular daytime soap's 2014 year so far, what the future holds for the show's supercouples, major characters, and shocking upcoming storylines. PLUS! Courtney discusses her newest... more

Sami, Kate, Nicole, Theresa, Hope. Just a few of the many women that rock the town of Salem. What makes them unique? What are their best and worst attributes? What twists and turns will they soon encounter? On this episode of... more

On this episode of 3B Reviews, Courtney discusses the possible Days supercouple pairings of 2014. Most of this is speculation, so be warned.

Along with several enraged fans, I decided it was time I wrote the boys at NBC Days a little love note. Tune in to hear what I said.

Alison Sweeney has announced she will be leaving Day of our Lives in the year 2015. As fans mourn and pray to a holy soap God she decides to stay, some Days fans have taken it upon themselves to personally attack those of us that... more

So many fans spend countless dollars to attend the Day of Days Event in sunny California. But, what if that just isn't possible for you but you want to get the full experience of being a dedicated soap fan? Well, ladies and gents, your... more

February Sweeps for our favorite daytime drama is just around the corner! Will Nick rise from the dead? Will Sami find out about EJ's infidelity? What characters, new and old, will be showing their faces in Salem? Tonight, your questions are... more

EJ DiMera, fiance' to Samantha Brady, did the unthinkable this week: he cheated. An outrage of upset has blown up social media networks, causing a riot of fans to fall into a code of silence. On this episode of 3B Reviews, Courtney goes... more

It is DAY 2 of our EJami Code of Silence. I'll cover future speculations, recent interviews, and an off topic opportunity that can change your life TODAY.

We've been betrayed by NBC's Days of our Lives yet again. EJami has unncessary angst and fans aren't having it. Instead of watching the carnage, join me in the code of silence in honor of EJami.