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This show is geared towards empowering, training, and motivating young ladies 365 days a year to becoming the amazing women and leaders of tomorrow! Real Hosts, Real Topics, Real 365 Girl World!

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TUNE IN TONIGHT for a REPLAY of one our FAVORITE shows.... "A Different World: Are HBCU's Still Relevant!?" In a time where education is REQUIRED...WHO should be teaching "US"?! Catch this REPLAY of the 365... more

It's that time again for SCHOOL TO START!!!! Check out a REPLAY of our Back to School show from 2012! The 365 Girl Pajama Conference CHICAGO - 2013 is August 30th to August 31st 7pm to 7pm visit www.365GirlsRock.org for more... more

Tune in TONIGHT with your FAVORITE GIRLS... the 365 Girl World Radio team!!! We wish we knew THEN what we know NOW...but if YOU could go back in time and tell "Teen aged" YOU a thing or two...what would it be?!... more

Tune in for a replay of 365 Girl Radio on DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. TWEET us your thoughts @365GirlWorld

Tune in THIS TUESDAY NIGHT 8pm CST July 16, 2013 and share with the 365 Girl Team as we discuss "When FORGIVENESS is the ONLY OPTION..." There are some things we just can not control ... what do we do? how do we move... more

Tune in TONIGHT and chat with your favorite host on current events in the news...Dont miss your chance to have a VOICE tonight on 365 Girl World Radio !!Call in 858-769-4947Log In: www.BlogTalkRadio.com/365girlworld8-9pm CST

The summer is FINALLY here! Tune in tonight and chat with your favorite girls on 365 Girl World Radio. We want to know your thoughts around summer trends...if they are REALLY "in" and hear from our own Fashion Diva Shayla... more

Tune in TONIGHT to 365 Girl World Radio as we discuss the evolution of FRIENDSHIP in 2013... Don't miss tonight's chat!! Call in and tell us what you think! We want to hear from you CALL: 858-766-4947 Press #1 LISTEN in... more

Tune in TONIGHT and share with your FAVORITE GIRLS on the interesting topic about STANDARDS! 8-9p CST ONE HOUR ONLY Call in and share LIVE ON AIR: 858-769-4947 Share in our LIVE CHAT ROOM at... more

Tune in TONIGHT as your FAVORITE HOSTS chat on some of the pressing issues on the forefront of our country... Share with us tonight your thoughts on recent events in the USA... Has the recent tragedies brought us together as a... more
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