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3600seconds, hosted by columnist Chris Stevenson, is a political talk & interview show dealing with important issues affecting our world.

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The subject of Motown is back on 3600seconds as our guest for today is Peter Benjaminson; author of "The Lost Supreme: The Life of Dreamgirl Florence Ballard (2008)" Benjaminson is an investigative reporter and and has... more
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Tami Dickerson is an author of several books, most of them having to do with her former organization the Jehovah's Witnesses, led by the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society. We will explore one today that reveals a subject matter that will shock... more

Chris reads the latest piece by longtime New York City-based political commentator Playthell Benjamin on the crises in the Ukraine between them and the Russians, and America's role in intervention. Benjamin has written... more

Dr. William F. Pepper is an acclaimed author and a Barrister. His most notable books are both penetrating alternate investigative works on the plot to assassinate his friend and client the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., "Orders To Kill" and... more

Chris interviews Karl Evanzz again for the 1st time in 20 years. Evanzz of course is a highly-important author & researcher best-known for his books "The Judas Factor: The Plot to Kill Malcolm X," and "The Messenger: The Rise and Fall of... more

Florence Ballard must never be forgotten in the anals of rock & roll history. Considering it's been a few weeks since the 38th Anniversary of her passing (2/22/76), a discussion of her is very timely. With a voice comparable to fellow... more

Many of you have heard of the story of three-month-old infant known as Baby Ashton has been left mutilated after doctors cut off his during what was supposed to be a 20-minute circumcision procedure. Memphis, Tenn. mother Maggie... more

Johanna Fernandez is a Professor of African History at Baruch College and a visiting professor at Trinity College. She is a graduate of two Ivy League schools, Brown and Columbia, with her doctorate coming from Columbia. She has been... more

Comedienne Megan McGlover sparked a Flood of National Outrage when one of her Youtube commentaries had her almost demanding President Obama, Oprah etc., to hold off on the Nelson Mandela commentary and tributes because the... more

In light of the recent rush by mainstream media to once again run documentaries pushing Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone killer of the late President John F. Kennedy, the only thing this show can do is to get some firsthand facts and... more
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