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Some Company Somewhere is Going to Be Number One!

  • Broadcast in Management
Rick Nappier CEO

Rick Nappier CEO


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There is a small likelihood that all companies will mathematically do about same amount of business. If company A, B, 
C and D all share 25% of the number of customers, each, this will not last forever.

Some company will break out of the pack. If it's company C, and company C adds an additional 10% of the market share, then, mathematically, companies A, B and D had to lose business. Perhaps, company D lost 10% and it is down from 25% to 10%.

Luckily, it probably will not be company D that takes the entire 10% lost. It is more probable than not that company C could see the entire 10% gain.

As consultants, we are seeing three things in the small business landscape with respect to real estate, insurance and small businesses who offer both necessity and vanity related products and services.

  1. Some companies are maintaining current production levels.
  2. Some companies are growing with business plans in place.
  3. Some companies are aggressively planning with the sole purpose of becoming number one in their markets.

The current economy is ripe for the right company to make significant gains in selling more real estate, insurance, dental services, accounting services, cosmetic and lasik services, etc.

Our company, 321SetAppointments.com, is availabe to help your company if significant growth is your vision. It's nothing fancy...it's just plain, simple pencil and paper planning with a hard dose of old school, staff empowerment.

In this business environment where all competitors are about equal, we believe our company has the right mix of business strategies, consulting experience and sales training to help a few companies increase their productivity.

This will be one of the most important shows we have done in a long time.

The time is right.