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3:16 Radio is a Christian Radio Station that will discuss Christian Living, Evangelism, Outreach and Bible Topics...

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Episode 1 - Did you ever wonder it means to live a ?Relentless? life for Jesus? To go all out and never look back? How different would your life be? Being Relentless for Jesus seems simple doesn't it? Especially if you're a Christian but... more

As this country continues to move forward and celebrate our independence we are seeing a tragic process that is leading to a nation who wants ?Independence? from God. Our Pledge of Allegiance may still say ?One Nation Under God? and... more

This episode is dedicated to all of the Mothers out there who God has placed in our lives to love, teach and nurture us. This episode is dedicated in celebration to you because we know that MOTHER KNOWS BEST! Proverbs 3:1-31

As kids we dream of being like someone…like a great baseball player, an astronaut, a dancer, a movie star, or maybe even the president…We act out our fantasies and pretend we are those people, we try to act like them, look... more

Sometimes we expect the best and sometimes we expect the worst. One thing we can be sure of is to expect God to use the unexpected to meet your expectations!

20/20 Vision: "Seeing" through the eyes of God! Did you ever wonder why some experience God in way others do not or see God's vision for their life more clearly than others? Could it be that we are looking through different lenses - different... more

Atheism: Are Christian's a stumbling block and keeping many from the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ? Have we promoted a religion over a personal relationship which produced a society of plastic Christians? Have Christians... more

Memorial Day: Have We Forgotten? Join us for our first 1 Hour LIVE Show - Monday, May 27th at 10:30 AM Special Guest - Chaplain John Wega from the United States Christian Commission Located in Gettysburg PA -... more

3:16 Radio going live! This is a quick 15 minute radio show to introduce you to the Host Sal Minnella and what 3:16 Radio is all about. May God use this time together to encourage each of us as we change a generation for the glory of... more