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2RAW4TV is celebrating a year on the air by bringing in a Mystery Guest. Who is going to be the next guest? Find out on 2RAW4TV- 11/10/11 @ 11PM EST blogtalkradio.com/2RAW4TV - Call 323-410-0036 to comment or ?

Can you feel the shift happening? What does the future hold for humanity & the world? Most people are familiar with the 2012 Mayan Prophecy but whats next after 2012? We explore the possibilities with innovative artist True God and he... more

Radio has been one of the staples of American living for some time now. Families used to gather around the "talking box" to get all their news & entertainment. Now with mediums like the Internet, XM & Sirius radio- has... more

Mainstream media took great strides to ignore them- but with countless revolutions, occupations, and uprisings the STREETS have become hard to look past. Are the people finally taking control of their destiny? Will what happen next... more

Rapper/singer/ and songwriter, L*A*W, talks about his experiences on stage-the late Amy Winehouse & explains exactly what is "Planet 12". BLOGTALKRADIO.COM/2RAW4TV 10-13-11 @ 11PM EST CALL... more

TV was initially created to be a device used to inform the masses. In America, most people spend nearly 200 hours watching television per month. What if the TV was turned off? What can you do w/ those 200 hours back? Next... more

LLO525STAR continues with his very popular series of esoteric hollywood breakdowns. What is the message hidden in your favorite film? The brothers of NTR (Akult, SirReigns & others) join in on the discussion. This is a must... more

With the age of technology, information has become very easy to access. Blatant lies that have been taught in American school systems becomes obscenely apparent. Why were you and your children force fed this misinformation and... more

The world, and your reality that exists within it, is based completely on your perception of it. Pessimists see the glass as "half empty". Fear mongers call this place a "Prison Planet". To the creators, this planet is a canvass, and they... more

Nehemiah Clark, formerly of MTV's THE REAL WORLD, reflects on his time on the show, his music career, and the rites of passage that have brought him to where he is today. If you're a REAL WORLD fan, or simply would like to hear... more