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Hip Hop is at it most popular point as a music genre. Many people say that this popularity has come at a cost. Has hip hop really become "dumbed down"? Is so, where is the Smart Hip Hop? Versitile artist and educator Lak tells us where... more

Words are more than a way to describe things. Words can be a means to create reality. It is up to us what we are choosing are words to do. Are you creating life or inviting death with what you say? If you want freedom speak it... more

It is an election year and emotions are high. There is no denying the amount of passion (or money) that each candidate has for his campaign. How much does the president affect the day to day life of the people? America is at a... more

Like a lightning bolt in the clear sky Lola K appeared out of nowhere. 2RAW4TV talks exclusively with this prolific author/artist and radio cohost. Sex, magic, and paintbrushes Lola talks about it all. There will never be a 2RAW4TV quite this... more

Push the limits of your mind. Magic is the true power of the people. Arm yourself with knowledge and Fight Back! Abrakadabra: Magik Is The New Gangsta FT SupaNova Slom on 2RAW4TV 9/13 @ 11pm est Blogtalkradio.com/2RAW4TV... more

The deceitful nature of mainstream media is well known. From "yellow journalism" that led to the prohibition of marijuana and more recently the tales of fake battles in Iraq- the media has not reported the "whole truth". Now... more

The streets and the lifestyle that comes from it can be very appealing. It is glamorized by Hollywood and rappers.The movie stars and musicians leave out the downside of this destructive behavior- leaving a lot of easily influenced... more

From the Bible to Michael J Fox movies to the Mayans... many people have predicted a "Future" for humanity. Which one is right? Who is wrong? How can we create our own bright future... Brilliant word smith and Flint, Michigan native... more

So much has been hidden from the general public in an attempt to stifle humanity's true power. Banned Books, Lost tablets, and Hidden Tones are just scratching the surface above the vast rabbit hole. This Thursday 2RAW4TV... more

Blackface is America's true favorite pasttime. Ever since Africans were in chattell slavery -actors and artists would dress in "blackface" and perforrm to record numbers of people and sold out crowds. On August 9th @ 11pm est on... more