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Law enforcement in America is the only terrorist group black people care about. Through their brute violence toward the public they have created condition in which the people feel the only option to survive is to attack the predator that's killing their children. Is this why the pink elite is scared of the future? What happens when the tide turns? Who will protect pink emparialism when there is no more plantation just a field of angry ex slaves? There is no tomorrow for the wicked.
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We are so much more powerful then we are led to believe. When you learn about yourself your limitations, boundaries,and inadequacy begins to disappear. You can get whatever you set out achieve! More money, better living conditions, more... more

In a relationship there are many factors that determine the stregnth that it has. Two elements that are sure to make or break any relationship is SEX and LOVE. Which is more important? Activist and writer Courtney Omega joins 2RAW4TV to... more

It is easy to attribute blame to things that are not understood. It is often the younger people that get the brunt of the blame, our generation. As if our style of clothes alone can pull triggers, like the rhymes can meltdown financial... more

Mainstream media floods the public with destructive images and with cookie cutter artists. In fact so much emphasis is put on the lackluster that many people overlook the best talent that is just Around The Way. Next 2RAW4TV we will be... more

The new buzzword in America is ratchet. What is ratchet? Its easy to see once you turn on tv. The low budget cat fights, the gratuitous sex, teenage youtube bullies- all the above is RATCHET! While it may make for subpar entertainment,... more

What separates those that can create their reality seamlessly from those that seemed doomed to it? Life is electric, life is a game, life is what you make it. In this world it seems like their are players and those that are getting... more

Relationships all have their high points and low points. People have different approaches to problems and conflict will occur. Tempers will flare, feelings will get hurt, that is to be expected, but what does NOT have to occur is ABUSE.... more

No one is born with shackles on their wrist. There are no barriers to unbridled imagination. We are born with limitless freedom. It is society that sets limitations, that dictates who to love and where to go. Who gave anyone authority over... more

In the quest for immortality those trying to live forever feel in order to justify their lives they must give people death. They do this through unjust laws, high cholesterol foods, and mindless entertainment. When you take a stand against a... more

The old rules don't apply anymore. Welcome to the generation where literaly ALL information is accessible and at your fingertips. The speed of change is immense, you are either riding the wave or being crushed by it. In a time where you can... more