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If you look past the debris of overt sensationalism and buffoonery of the media- there you will find the new leaders. You will recognize them because they go where others are afraid, push boundaries of imagination, and... more

This Thursday we are going to put our hoodies on for Trayvon Martin. No more will innocent blood spill. No more will mothers cry over injustice. No longer will we forget who we are. We are not the victims but the VICTORS. This Thursday, in... more

Rap Music has been around for sometime- but really how old is this art form? Did it truly begin in the 1980's as some would have you believe or are the origins much more ancient? Marcus and Rogerst, also known as the world... more

With rising unrest happening all around the world, including its richest country, people are looking for alternatives to scams that run political & business sectors. The movements are growing larger, the voices are getting louder- but the... more

Urban Legends- you hear them all the time. We've all heard the friend who knows a friend of a friend who woke up in the midst of a party only to find their kidney surgically removed. Another infamous legend is that would be gangster... more

On the radio & in the clubs the current trend is hip hop from the south. There ane MANY southern MCs that are great, set the trends from behind the scenes, but may not be heard in the mainstream. These MCs are that Southern Heat. SC... more

As long as America has been a nation -black people that live there have been the top entertainers. But even with so called "advancements" in civil rights it seems that the top tier of these enterainers are showcased only when they potray... more

Do artists describe the world arounf them or is it through art that Artists actually create the world? Palmetto Star talks to the Lambert Brothers, creators of the hot, informative & controversial internet cartoon "Black Archaeologist" . Find out why... more

2012- The year that many prophecies point @ that will change everything. As the world changes the people also are changing as well. What do these changes mean to you- how can you utilize them to better yourself? What will be your... more

DEFINITION OF A REAL NIGGER: THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF THE N WORD. "NIGGER", or the N word as it is most commonly refered to in mainstream media has impacted the nation and the world tremendously. With the brutal history... more