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What was formerly known as the "Justice System" in America has failed on a grand scale and on a stage for the world to see. They let Trayvon Martin's coldblooded killer go and now for millions of people there is no turning back.... more

Religion is the main cause of wars worldwide. While the daily lives of those fighting may be close to the same their beliefs are enough to draw blood from one another. The body count created in the name God's messengers, saints,... more

Good sex can drive a person insane. Like a fire, the energy from the passion can soothe, warm, or destroy. What is it about the act of making love that can trigger a person to go beyond the point of no return? Are we on the brink of a sexual... more

This week on 2RAW4TV we will have a panel discussion about the vastness of the mind. How do we utilize our mind to attract the situations, people, and things we want and need in our life? What are the effects of positive and negative... more

There are certain key elements that keep any relationship strong. One thing is certain, without LOYALTY all of those other elements are invalid. Next 2RAW4TV we are asking tough questions about loyalty- are you a loyal? What does it... more

It seems like any country or issue America is at odds with they have no problem with declaring a "war" on it. Whether it be Iraq, poverty, terrorism, the first response is to battle the enemy. In America's "war" on drugs the enemy is,... more

SEX is more than gender. SEX is expression. SEX is creation. SEX is powerful. SEX is MAGIC. Next 2RAW4TV we will discuss what sex is in all its facets. Can sex be used for more than orgasms and making babies? Join us as we discuss... more

Laughter- it can change your mood instantly. Laughing can increase your health, wealth, and state of being. Next 2RAW4TV we celebrate the people that have us laughing time and time again. If you need to feel better this show can be your... more

There are many challenges facing women in today's society. Many women have defied the rules of the "all boy's club" and have become the top people of their craft. If we all came from a woman why is there so much resistance for her... more

Hip Hop has come a long way since it's inception. It used to be you can only find it in block parties, now you hear the bass blasting in corporate boardrooms. Music that had got it's start from hustlers in the neighborhood is now rocking in super... more