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It's a new day, it's a new age. People have woken up to the fact that consumerism is not their friend. Every item that is purchased potentially funds a maniac police officer's murderous rampage. The people successfully boycotted Black Friday.... more

You have seen the headlines. Time after time another racist cop or lay white supremacist is let go off all responsibility for the murder of young black men. Before the verdict is read police ensemble. Armed militia extremists stand by... more

Welcome to America where everything costs money. For shelter you must pay rent. To eat you have to buy food. To drink you have to purchase water. Even the luxuory of clean air costs The only thing that is free are the thoughts in your... more


Thanksgiving?. The holiday itself is looked at as a joyous occasion for people to get together and eat heartily. However, the origin of this day is marred with ?genocide, ?terrorism, and biological warfare. In the midst of it all we still... more

Evil is everywhere. Evil is the unwanted house guest, the bad neighbor, the demanding bully everyday wanting more and more from us until they have taken everything, including our sanity. Right now, a sinister agenda is unfolding under... more

There is a major push to destroy the minds, body, and spirits of melanated young people across the country. In the media you see police and vigilantes shooting black teens and children with little- to- no recourse or repercussion. How exactly... more

We are given many reasons to give up, stop trying, quit. The people that feel they can't do anything for themselves are the ones that fuel the current power structure. Dis-empowerment and self hate are the two biggest tools used to sell... more

With the 24/7 news channels, satire websites, and anonymous bloggers on the net constantly reporting half facts and blatant untruths what is there to believe? Did Ebola start organically in Africa or petri dish? Will the police officer... more

Love can be empowering. In a world were everything is regulated, ruled out, quantified, and capitilized upon. LOVE can truly make you feel free. For some though, LOVE is a trap. The power of the feelings and words snare people into... more