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There is an international movement to hold the imperial powers that are actually responsible for the terrorist attacks of September 11 accountable for thier actions.It is called The movemrnt will also promote black unity and love.This... more

Ever since slaves arrived to America off the good ship "Jesus" black people have been indoctrinated that god looks different from them. This lie caused much tension, pain, and low self esteem in the black communities. Fast forward 400... more

Out with the old and in with the new. Right now there is major transistion happening all over the world. The people are taking action and moving to the next level. We are in the midst of an international revolution. This is the next step.... more

There are many theories and theorists that expouse different so called agendas of the elite. While these theories range from plausible to the fantastical there is one undeniable consistency they all uphold. That is the maintaining of modern day... more

After being pulled over for a minor traffic infraction Sandra Bland was unlawfully arrested and made to go to jail. While in custody she died under very suspicious circumstances. All signs point to murder and the people want more then... more

?#‎BLOOD? IN BLOOD OUT: GANG UNITY AND THE RISE OF ?#‎BLACK? ARMY Every time mainstream media takes time to focus on the gangs they always do so by casting them in a negative light. If it's not the beef... more

The time is NOW! The KKK and other hate groups have vowed to begin a race war this week over the confederate flag being removed from the statehouse in South Carolina. The New Black panthers are coming along with many other... more

Black Supremacy, White Supremacy. One is a system of rules and regulations enforced by guns and gadgets and created to support a worldwide class system. The other is a physical reality that can be measured in atoms, protons. and... more

There is a thin line between citizen and servant. Which one are you? While there have been some social changes made since the civil rights movement, black people are still fighting the same issues they were in the sixties. Today a new... more

With the recent massacre at an African Methodist church in South Carolina should black people be more cautious with who they let into their places of worship. Where can black people truly find refuge? Why is pink Jesus always prominent... more