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Are you really living life or are you just paying bill until you die? Most people are doing the latter, they can not see through the thick cloud of debt, doubt, and contractual obligation that has them running in circles. Goals, dreams, and... more

People are fed up. "It stops today" Eric Garner yelled right before police put him in a choke hold that ended his life. The harassment, detaining people like stray animals, and overall brutal nature of the police force has gotten people to the... more

Who are you really? Do you identify yourself with your job position, your car, the neighborhood you live in? What if you lost your job, crashed your vehicle, or got evicted? Who would you be then? Whoever you think you are you are not. How... more

Freedom is a word that is tossed around loosely. What does freedom mean in America? Does it mean working eighty hours a week, spending thirty minutes with your children while they scream for attention, then falling asleep in front of the... more

When you talk about who has real influence and power over the people you will find a whole list of rebels who made their own rules. Rules are set in place to dissuade the disenfranchised to rise up against the existing power structure.... more

Contrary to popular belief black people have always had a degree of economic empowerment in America. There have always been black businesses, successful entrepreneurs, and even black slave owners that contributed heavily to the... more

It was taught that early Pilgrim settlers in America sought to escape European persecution and unfair legal processes. These same pilgrims and descendants thereof have turned America into a prison colony of their own. With nearly 3... more

We all know that fresh fruits and vegetables are good for you, but did you know they can also DESTROY the current power structure? One of the last resorts the elites have to hold power is to hoard the food supply. You can only eat what... more

FBI, CIA, DEA, NSA these are government agencies created to cause disinformation, dissent, and division among the people. These agencies are responsible for killing the most powerful civil, social, political leaders in modern... more

We all know about genetically modified foods and how the growth and development of these plants is sponsored by the government. The real question is "why" that is happening. Is the government using the food supply to make the... more