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Love can be empowering. In a world were everything is regulated, ruled out, quantified, and capitilized upon. LOVE can truly make you feel free. For some though, LOVE is a trap. The power of the feelings and words snare people into... more

You've got to do it! Everyone wants to feel safe but when paid peacekeepers become the one that causes panic who else is there to call? Next 2RAW4TV we talk about the resistance movement against police corruption. Why do... more

It is getting very weird, very quickly. The national news and social media soundbites looks less like actual events and more like sci fi stories. The oddities have become so much and so frequent the public doesn't even have a... more

Don't listen to your national news. This is not part of your regularly scheduled programming. Despite all the assaults on the people, it is WE THE PEOPLE that are actually winning this war against humanity. After all the battles, famine,... more

Society is like a bad drug. We know that the issues that societies presents is nonprogressive and bad for us but we refuse to give it up. We are content with the undue homelessness, the unnecessary billing, and bullying in the guise of... more

The world can be a very demanding place. Every minute that we have is quantified into dollars and billed to us. A whole segment of society has been criminalized and targeted by law enforcement terrorists. TV programs constantly... more

Not everything you see on TV is real. In fact most of what you see is fake. If it is not 100% artificial it is heavily slanted and biased toward an agenda or corporate entity. The mainstream news has even been caught so many times creating... more

What do you do when you have an adversary that is bent on the destruction of you and your children and will stop at nothing until they are totally annihilated? Most people want to live a peaceful life but when that peace is constantly be... more

Police, politicians, and other wayward authority figures like to tell the people what NOT to do. However in the face of rampant corruption and blatant deception their "authority" must be challenged Next 2RAW4TV we talk about taking practical... more

The hidden war being police and black males has finally come out in all of its true ugliness for the whole world to witness. In the past month police in all major cities have killed unarmed black men with little or no disciplinary action. In Ferguson,... more