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Happy Birthday to My Abducted Daughter, who misses me!

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Did you know judges routinely ignore the law when issuing their rulings, and generally disregard the best interests of the child in custody hearings? Facts are that, regardless of overwhelming evidence of abuse, in this country SOLE CUSTODY OF CHILDREN IS ROUTINELY GIVEN TO ABUSERS. All YOU have to do to GUARANTEE unending misery in a child's life, as a concerned parent or teacher, is report the abuse! HORRIFYING, BUT TRUE.

THERE IS STILL NO ACCOUNTABILITY for family court rulings, and the judges, commissioners, magistrates and special masters who get SECRET FUNDING to remove and/or incarcerate children ALL OVER THIS NATION (the great U.S. of A.) without cause. Think of the Pennsylvania Kids For Cash scheme that resulted in ruined lives and suicides a few years back... believe it or not, INCENTIVES ABOUND for children to be ripped from loving homes and tossed down the tubes of our legal monstrosity IN EVERY STATE, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. You cannot appeal. Court personnel are simply NOT responsible for ANY child's health and well-being. My own daughter lost her hard-won admission to the prestigious School of the Arts when her father absconded with her more than a year ago. When I sued for her return, my county judge simply dismissed my case without a hearing.

WHEN (AND HOW) WILL IT END? When will Mothers have the right to raise their own children in safe, happy homes? My daughter was taken away WITHOUT AN EVIDENTIARY HEARING. I was incarcerated. I have no legal recourse to getting her back. How about you? Call in, and talk about your case.

Birthday greetings to ALL the Court-abducted children in America... Call in with your child's name, and I'll do a shout-out.