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Finmd'n da key 2 bring dat luv bak...help us help yall 2 refresh da romance! ;)

So we finishing off where we left off @ last nite....if u dnt know, the topic was sex... N da listeners were wild. They ask'd 4 a part 2 so we giving it 2 them..

2nite the rules are out the window... Let's get it on....

We all do shit that bothers our partner...fellas air your girl out!ladies put your man out there

Normally ignorance doesn't phase me, insults come with the turf ( young, black, female....) O, and a lesbo... Yea "you read it!" And I said it! Hey if I didn't keep my spirits high I'd probably would have been crashed and burned along time ago! I... more

There is so much pain in the world, silent suffers and uneducated ppl... When it comes to these types of conditions! Let's discuss 'em

It's talkative tuesday... It will b amazing energy flowing through the air ways. Yes hunni... Air anyone out or give your opion on some thing. Hell just help enpower and educate other or simply listen in!

What's new, trendy and on the torch right now? From every thing about fashion to what spicy in the bedroom.... Yes Hunni

Yes sir

Tonight I wanna noe more bout Tops Y Yall do the things yall do y yall. Are the way yall r jus wanna better under stand all the qoute unquote Tops (more details) later