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5 Men, 1 Mic, and tons of things to say. From Music, Sports, Life and more, this is the show based from 5 men that couldn't sleep but talked instead.

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DJ Joe Schmo goes in on the decision of the Trayvon Martin case. If you really want to have an insight on the feelings and emotions of many, at least from the voice of 2AM in terms of the decision, tune in and listen.

The boys review Jay-Z, Yeezy and others Is Jay-Z's new album a holy fail? Did Yeezy a god? Tune in and find out!

The guys goes north of the border to talk Canada!

The guys talk about their expectations regarding E3! Note, this episode was recorded before Day 1 of E3 2013. Enjoy!

It's time to match the stars... or at least our panelists on a new episode of 2AM. If you think you have want it takes to win an awesome prize from our 2AM cast... tune in and play with us.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No... it's a bunch of people rants about childhood superheros. Yes... we are going talk about her facination of superheroes. This episode was recorded on 4/20/13... so pay attention to some obvious themes.... more

What if you had 24 hours to live.... What if you had $300 million dollars to spend, what if you had to marry, kill and f*$k someone three random women... WHAT WOULD YOU DO???

Continuing on the trend of love and relationship... the men of 2AM examine the issue of who to marry, when to marry or whether to do so? Does race matter? Does money matter? Does love matter? WHAT DOES!!!! Hosts Joe College, DJ... more

The people of 2AM chime in the issues of getting involved with the opposite sex. The panelists are "experts" in the field of relationships... or are they?

The guys talk about police brutality in the streets of East Flatbush... please tune in and listen.