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Who are We as a People?

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Would Martin be happy with us? I think individual wealth has reached the stratosphere, but who are we as a people. The last time we really came together we got a president out of it. Yet my question is who are we as a people. Let me stop for a moment. I love all the colors of the rainbow . I have friends of probably every race. I have several races that make up my family. The issue is public perception. The issue is being inferior as a kid and having that feeling continue as an adult and through everyday life, telling our kids it's never going to change. I think we all have something to offer, but I also think we missed something as a people. I don't know, maybe it's me but I would like to go to a gas station where a guy is not afraid of me. I would like to go to the corner store in my forsaken neighborhood where the owner is the same as me, so he doesn't have a pre-conceived notion that I'm going to steal something. We as a people need to change the landscape. The whole world is laughing at us. We have Bill Cosby, Tiger Woods, Magic Johnson, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Spike Lee, Wil Smith. Their income has hit the stratosphere, yet the landscape remains the same. We need chainstores, grocery stores, gas stations, corner stores. You agree? Talk to me. You don't agree? Talk to me. We are wealthy individuals. I mean how much is enough? We have the NAACP, NATIONAL ACTION NETWORK, RAINBOW COALITION, THE NATIONAL URBAN LEAGUE, and still no obvious presence of gas stations. We don't need to be rich, just have common wealth. BP needs a new look. How about a chain of BOB gas stations.