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We will talk about joshi, otherwise known as "Japanese Women's Wrestling". We will talk about other wrestling and whatever the hell I want as well.

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It's been six months. A few things have happened in joshi to talk about. Promotions die, promotions are born, people retire, boing-boing girls debut, and most importantly, we finally have a junior champion to be proud of.

Trying again after SNAFU last night.

We'll be more positive this time. Let's discuss FLIK's homework match (Jaguar vs Panther Surena); get creepy about Kana, Mio, & Io; speculate about some of the great matches of the present that haven't happened yet and some of the great... more

Well, joshi's in bad shape. Now NEO is going out of business. Let's talk about what can be done to save the joshi puroresu business, will it get done, and also talk about some of the good work that is still going on despite the horrible... more

It's the return of 1JoshI, featuring my new home, Ayumi & Hiroyo & Misaki in America, Dave Prazak books young joshi better than the Japanese, the return of HIREN (where she chokes Nanae Takahashi), and the burning question: Is... more

Special Sunday night show by request from some would-be callers who can't do the usual time. I might alternate between weekdays and weekends to maximize the opportunity for you creeps to call in. We'll talk about our Top 20 lists... more

This is the make-up show for the show I slept through because I'm sick. I'm sorry. We'll talk about Hokuto vs Kandori, Kandori vs Devil, All Things Apache, and "What We've Been Watching". I discovered some new YooToob channels and... more

This time will probably be more about older joshi than the current product. I'll lead off with my favorite unheralded match from Big Egg Universe that I've promised but never delivered on previous shows. We might also talk about the forgotten... more

We'll give the creepy joshi radio talk another try. I have some panelists lined up. J.H. wants to talk about disillusionment and what in the hell happened to the joshifans board. I want to talk about unheralded matches from Big Egg Universe... more

This time, I'd like to discuss who the top women's wrestlers in the world in 2009 are. Later, we'll feel nostalgic and talk about our favorite matches that no one else ever seems to pimp. I've got one from Big Egg Universe that I think is awesome... more