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We are your weekly dose of theRidiculous; Hollywood, Comic Books, Gaming, and the general hilarity that is the human race, none of it is spared, our opinions are honest, unfiltered, slightly skewed, possibly biased, and not always sober, welcome to the hilarity that is the 16Bit Assassins.

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Ladies and gentlemen, it's once again time for the circus of randomness that is the 16Bit Assassins, on this episode we find out about an idea to give the guy cleaning up alien guts his day, and in keeping with the cleaning motif, find out... more

Well, it's Sunday, and seeing as how we didn't do a show Friday, we're doing a show on Sunday. On this episode we talk about Naughty Dog, being well, Naughty, Precursor games founding member gets arrested for, well, listen to the... more

Impromptu show tonight ladies and gentlemen, and it's all Microsoft's fault, tonight, it's all Xbox as Microsoft broke the internet with it's sudden change in stance regarding the xbox one, Tune in live!!

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight the 16Bit Assassins take to the air in a daredevil attempt to do a podcast with no show notes!!!! So what are we talking about on this episode, besides E3, and Microsoft becoming Sony, and Sony becoming... more

Ladies and Gentlemen, after a week off, we are back, and do we have an episode for you. On episode 46, Toaster has some choice words for Microsoft, and they aren't nice ones, the crew goes round table on what to expect from E3, from... more

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight, we have a show for you. Mike Kanarek founder of Be Epic, and a member of the Boston FIG group of wonderful individuals bringing us some indie awesomeness. On this episode we talk about the Xbox One,... more

Ladies and gentlemen, today, marks the day where Microsoft unvieled it's next generation console the Xbox One and of course the 16Bit Crew has something to say about it. So tune in while we talk about the Xbox One, where did... more

Ladies and Gentleman it's Friday, May 17th, and it's time for your weekly dose of industry ridiculousness. On Episode we find out that EA has had a change of heart, Dice is getting a Star Wars centric studio, Iron Man 3 makes a billion... more

Ladies and gentlemen, it's episode 43, on this episode The Marksman and Bizzle are introduced to tickets, of a certain variety. Trust me this is important. We have a guest joining us on this episode, Dan Silvers, from Lantana games,... more

It's May The 4th eve, and the 16Bit Assassins are back for another episode of industry craziness. As we get closer to Microsoft's May 21st announcement, teh internets are buzzing with Next Gen news. Gamestop expo now open to public,... more