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We are your weekly dose of theRidiculous; Hollywood, Comic Books, Gaming, and the general hilarity that is the human race, none of it is spared, our opinions are honest, unfiltered, slightly skewed, possibly biased, and not always sober, welcome to the hilarity that is the 16Bit Assassins.

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Well ladies and gentlemen, it's Friday, and it's time for the 16Bit Assassin, we're back this week with an episode straight out of the record books, and by records we mean those set by people who can count, on this episode we talk... more

Ladies and Gentlemen, the 16Bit crew is back, and have we got an episode for you, with two special guests, Ep 61 should be interesting, joining us from the 2ndOpinion site is the wonderful Monk to drop all knowledge that is comic book... more

It's Friday and time for your weekly dose of gaming and ridiculousness, and this episode we definintely got a show for you. Tonight the 16Bit Assassins are joined by Switchblade Monkeys, creators of the PS4 indie exclusive Secret... more

Well, Friday is here and we have got one hell of a show for you ladies and gentlemen. On Episode 59 we talk about all sorts of things, such has how much money GTA V raked in in one day, Ducktales goes physical, Steam puts a... more

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Friday, and you know what that means, it's time for your weekly does of hollywood, gaming and geek culture ridiculousness that is the 16Bit Assassins. On tonight's episode it's Boston FIG time so we figured... more

And we're back ladies and gentlemen, it's been awhile, and we missed you, on tonight's episode it's all things PRIME, and who knows what else, we're flying with out a script tonight folks, and will be joined by a special guest, Shane, fan of... more

ladies and gentlemen it's Friday, and you know what that means, that's right, your weekly dose of the ridiculous, and this week has been ridiculous. On episode 56 we talk about what's on everyone's minds right now, that's right, Double... more

Well ladies and gent's it's Episode 55, and on this episode we are joined by Boston Festival of Indie games Co-producer and Design Dan Silvers, because we missed him. On this episode we check in on Dan, and Boston FIG, and find out... more

Ladies and Gentleman on Episode 54, the 16Bit Assassins are joined by a very special guest, New York Times Best Selling Author, known for his contributions both to the Star Wars universe as well as the creation of some of the most... more

So it's Thursday, and you know what makes Thursdays better? When the 16Bit Assassins think it's a Friday and do a show. On this episode we talk about the inner workings of monarchies, oh, and a lot of gaming news, Rumors abound of... more